Tuesday, February 21, 2017

WWE SD 2-21-17

Bryan comes out and talks about the unexpected twists and turns on the road to WrestleMania. He talks about Naomi and how proud everyone is of her - but he has to do something that's very hard. Naomi suffered a knee injury and has to vacate the title. She says that when she comes back, EVERYBODY IS GONNA FEEL THE FREAKIN GLOW. Well, this made you care about her. Bliss vs. Becky is made and Alexa regains it with a shot to the throat and a schoolgirl using the shorts.

Dean chats backstage in a room about the battle royal tonight. Kalisto and Miz chat too. Astonished they let Kalisto speak after Good Lucha Things. American Alpha beats the Fashion Police with the Steiner bulldog. Usos cut an amusing promo on AA buying protein bars and not being able to go sleep due to the Usos. More geeks yammer about the battle royal. Nikki shakes her ass a bit backstage and chats to Renee.

Nikki comes out for her falls count anywhere match against Nattie by shaking her ass. They do every walk and brawl trick in the book, but a diving enzuiguri off the stage gets 2. We get an...amusingly shot scene of Nattie trying to powerbomb Nikki through a table off the apron, and Nikki falls and narrowly avoids hitting her head against a monitor. Alabama slam on the announce table gets 2. Snap suplex on the ramp gets 2. Nikki tosses her through a mirror backstage for 2. Maryse comes out and beats up Nikki with a pipe before Miz drags her away. Nattie wins this one. Battle royal comes down to AJ and Luke but a dual elimination leads to Bryan making a Luke vs. AJ match to determine the true winner.
Great shot overall. Loved all the geeks in the battle royal getting promo time. Nikki vs. Nattie was shockingly good - although Nikki almost had a nasty landing off that powerbomb counter landing on the floor near the monitor. I like them dragging out Harper vs. AJ until next week - they gave Luke a bit of credibility tonight and can parlay that into a true showcase match for him next week.

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