Thursday, February 9, 2017

WWE Network Hidden Gems Volume 2

A new batch of footage has been unearthed, with a lot of the new stuff coming from a fan who taped a lot of hings that were never released commercially before. The most interesting match is the Battle of the Nature Boys - Buddy Rogers vs. Ric Flair, which I'll start off with. This is film footage, so it looks quite rich. Flair runs wild with punches and eats a slam. Everything is clipped, so getting a sense for the match as a whole is impossible. Rogers eats a suplex and gets busted open by something. Punches in the corner lead to a Flair flop. Flair hits a series of hard elbows and punches in the corner before a kneeling slugfest. Figure 4 by Flair is reversed. Flair is on the floor somehow and Rogers wins via countout. Well, that was historical - but impossible to follow,

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