Wednesday, June 28, 2017

NXT 6-28-17

Asuka vs. Nikki is the main event in a last woman standing match and Mauro makes it seem so important. The Velveteen Dream comes out and just the nickname without Patrick Clark sounds goofy. Dream hits a big kick and then hits a jackhammer to set up the purple rainmaker elbow. He does have the best male flying elbow since Test, so it's a good finish. Asuka is attacked in her car by Nikki before the show, so they brawl. Regal meets with the AOP and Heavy Machinery, who have awesome vests. Oney and Itami beat the fuck out of each other and Itami gets his nose smashed to bits and that's it - wow.

Roddy-Roode hype video recaps Roody's story before Itami vs. Oney part 2 starts. Itami kicks the shit out of him and then palm strikes him off the top resulting in a sick apron bump. ITAMI KILLS HIM WITH THE GTS and wins it. Holy shit was that stiff and fun. Kassius comes down and both he and Itami get beaten up by Sanity. Nikki stands mid-ring all crazed before Asuka comes down. Asuka hits a series of hard strikes before Nikki lands a lariat and ragdolls her head.

Nikki piles chairs up on the floor and they each block suplexes. Asuka eats the stops, but gets a trash can and hits a bunch of front and back round kicks with it on her head! Missile dropkick leads to a hook kick ala Low-Ki. They fight on the apron and Nikki wins that with a falling reverse DDT. Nikki tastes the chairs, but a Saito suplex on them sends Asuka down. Fab 4 hits on Asuka! Asuka lands a series of big kicks, but eats a POWERBOMB ON THE CHAIRS ON THE FLOOR! They fight to the announce area and Asuka hits a superplex off a ladder THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE to win it.

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