Tuesday, June 6, 2017

WWE SD 6-6-17

The show starts off with a recap of the women's brawl last week leading to the MITB match. The new white and gold case looks nice. Charlotte brags about being superior while Ellsworth does his DUH bit. Lana comes out in a gown and says that she wants to be in the mix. Naomi says that she hasn't beaten anyone and then she leaves in a huff. Faces vs. Heel six person tag leads to Lana interfering and then Tamina beating Naomi with a nasty superkick. Great-looking finish at least.

Mojo says that winning the Andre battle royal hasn't done anything for him, and SD IS THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY! He wants a shot in the MITB, but he'll have to beat Jinder. AJ beats Dolph in another short, sloppy match - so they're 50/50! Fashion Files showcase Fandango shirtless. New Day walks backstage with their cart before going black and white for this. They mock the Usos shirts for a bit. Mojo runs around mid-ring before the Singh Brothers introduce Jinder, who now covers his entire face and looks rather badass doing it. Jinder rakes the eyes and hits the cobra clutch slam.

Randy says that Jinder will hear him and New Day comes out and beat the Colons. Usos cut an intense promo on them. Sami cuts a neurotic promo on Nakamura before Baron beats him up and throws him into a bunch of ladders. Naomi tells Shane she wants a match with Lana at MITB and Shane just makes it. Okay then. Nakamura beats KO in an incredibly short match given the guys involved and then Baron beats him up. Great. So no one gets over!

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