Tuesday, June 27, 2017

WCW Uncensored 1999

This is one of the last really good WCW PPVs that I remember, and it has some bizarre booking as well and a great tag title match. The opening video has some neat X-ray style effects for the main event, which look good. Tenay, Heenan, and Tony are our commentary team and hype up the barb wire cage match. The first blood stip was only added at the last minute and hyped up on WCW.com. Yowza.

Mike tries to add a sense of history to everything here by saying that Flair either becomes a 14 time champion or he never enters a ring again. Mikey Whipwreck comes out to face Kidman, who is in the wifebeater and jean shorts. The WCW Cruiserweight Title looks fantastic to this day. Mikey gets a wacky inverted STF thing on and then locks on a dragon sleeper lying on his stomach and then he turns it into a chinlock for some reason. Boy is Mikey just releasing shit for no good reason weird. Kidman dives off the top to the floor, but hits his knees hard. Mikey hits a big lariat off the top for 2. Kidman hits a pedigree facejam for 2. Mikey TRIES A POWERBOMB, but Kidman facejams him and wins with his gorgeous SSP.

We get a recap of the Stevie Ray vs. Vincent, or 10 CENT VINCENT as he calls him. Um...maybe the two black guys shouldn't be bragging about "fighting in the jungle" wow is that an odd line. They are battling over WHO RUNS THE B-TEAM and Hulk Hogan was actually used to hype this up. Each guy actually gets the NWO theme while Vincent is in jeans and an NWO shirt while Stevie is in a mix of Harlem Heat flames with NWO colors and...pinstriped trunks over them. Well, that's just flat out awful.
They have a walk and brawl for eons before they go into an area that has no fans and is apparently held for camera crews. Vincent actually hits a diving punch and then Stevie atomic drops him into what should have been a head bonk spot - but they don't connect and just fall down. Horace tosses the slapjack in and Vincent goes for the slapjack weapon, but Stevie kicks him in the gut and hits the shitty slapjack move to win.

Nash, Lex, and Liz comes down for Nash vs. Rey. Rey eats a big elbow and goes to the floor. Lex trips Rey and Nash boots him and pins him after the powerbomb. Hak hypes up a hardcore triple threat match. Cat and Onoo come out to face Jerry Flynn. Oh joy. Onoo gets flipped into the ring and pinned at 2.5 after Cat makes the save. Dean and Benoit narrate a rather intense, and now disturbing video about the strap usage to hang guys in their rivalry.
Bigelow, Hak, and Raven come out for the match. Hak has the barb wire around him, which makes for a cool visual despite it being rubberized and not actually sticking to even his giant shirt. Raven's WWF theme has been blended into the audio fairly perfectly. Fans chant for ECW while a bunch of nothing weapon shots occur. Hak gets double superbombed onto a table, which doesn't break. So Bigelow just hops and boom it breaks. Chastity uses a fire extinguisher on Raven and lands a crucifix headbutt to the balls to give Hak the win.

The announcers chat for a bit and the lumberjacks come down for the tag title match. The Horsemen theme remains outstanding and Benoit in a half-shirt looks weird. Hennig is out in his usual stuff while Barry is in jeans and a black tanktop while wearing a vest over that. Arn comes out in a similar getup, but with a long-sleeved shirt looking awesome. He buys out Chris Adams as a lumberjack, which makes sense since Kendall is out as well. Barry and Curt try to bail and get whipped and thrown back in. Benoit hits a bit lariat and Hennig nosedives before going out and getting whipped. Bobby talks about paying lumberjacks off in a match like this, which is smart. Benoit chops Barry hard and Barry goes out to the relief of straps. Dean and Curt go at it and Dean gets the cloverleaf, but Barry saves Curt.

 Benoit comes in and runs wild on everyone. Dean tags in and gets hit with a belt-wrapped punch from Hennig. Arn eats one and bumps on the apron before revealing a TIRE IRON. He hits Curt, but Barry goes to superplex  Benoit. Dean wraps his neck with the strap and goes down...but loses Barry, who just falls over to the floor because he should. Benoit hits the headbutt and wins his first official title in WCW. The blue backing on the belts looks outstanding and the actual title design is nice as well.

Jericho with his WWF theme and Ralphus are out. Saturn's Marilyn Manson knockoff is nixed and he comes out in a black leather dress and corset, eye liner, black lipstick, and yellow contacts. This is a chain match and Perry gets an exploder. Jericho goes for a chain-assisted splash off the top, which misses and the DVD ends it. Mikey chats with Mark Madden and the WCW.com crew for a bit.

Buff and Scott Steiner come out and Scott is TV Champ. That title looks good on him - it was an outstanding design. Booker comes out in fairly generic-looking white velvet with black boots and knee covers. Booker sends him out and then gets 2 off a big flying forearm off the second rope. Booker eats a superplex after Buff crotches him. Buff goes for a chairshot and Booker ducks, so he hits Scott and Booker wins. Solid stuff.

Buffer is mid-ring doing intros, and boy does he feel perfect doing Flair. Flair tells Lil Naitch to not end this due to a scratch - it should only end at the ref's discretion. Hogan is out to the Wolfpac theme. Hogan's black and red and white getup looks outstanding. Buffer hypes up Hogan as the driving force behind the NWO and Hogan's goal being to end Flair in "the WCW". The cage gets its own lighting and music, which always works well.


 Tony talks about this being the first big Flair match for Robinson, who grew up as a huge Flair fan. The cage itself looks outstanding too and it's amazing to thank that in two years, this company would be dead. Hogan shoves him down and tackles him to a huge "HOGAN!" chant. Flair pokes the eye and chops away in the corner. Hogan actually locks on a figure four, but Flair escapes and punches away.

Flair eats the cage and punched a bunch in the corner before he bites him. Flair is cut and climbs the ropes for the moon spot. Flair has a cut over the eye and Tony talks about the discretion rule. Hogan grabs the wire and rakes it on Flair's face before grabbing his weight belt and whipping him. Hogan tosses him into the cage to a huge "HOGAN" chant. Tony says you can forget the first blood stip because it's just going on and Hogan doesn't care - he just wants to keep hurting Flair. I like that - things went awry with the blood, so they just roll on and find logical ways to cover it up.

Big boot and the legdrop hit. Hogan tells Charles to call it, but Charles says he has the discretion to not end it, so he won't. Flair gets knucks and decks Hogan before sending him to the cage and cutting him. David comes down with Torrie, with actual reasonable breasts and brunette roots! Ric drops the knee and he trashtalks David. 

Tony says that Flair's face is a crimson mask and Ric gets 2 off a elbow. Hogan eats some major chops BUT HOGAN HULKS UP! HE POINTS and a Fan's Hulkamania IS GOD sign is in the frame perfectly. PUNCHES! BIG BOOT AND LEGDROP! Charles counts 1, so Hogan keeps punching away. Flair gets an impressive delayed suplex AND POSES! Charles takes an odd bump off a snake eyes and Hogan picks him up. Flair low blows him so Arn comes down and punches David! Torrie jumps him, but he shrugs her off. Tire iron knocks out Hogan and the figure four gets the pin!

Buffer says that history has been made and Flair is now the champion of the world for the 14th time. This was a great, but weird match. It was flawed, but yet perfectly structured as an actual story. However, they don't really give Flair a celebration and Hogan is still mid-ring with David to close the show. That part of things kinda sucks, but the match as a whole was quite good.

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