Tuesday, June 27, 2017

WWE SD 6-27-17

MITB is recapped before Bryan hypes up the women's MITB rematch tonight. James and Carmella come out to complain so Bryan says that isn't going to ban Ellsworth from ringside tonight - he will throw him out of the building. The Hype Bros face the Usos to possibly earn a title shot again since they had one before Zack's injury. Most of the match happens during a break, but a broski boot misses before a superkick and frog splash end it. New Day comes down and wants a shot, so the Usos give them a shot at Battleground.

Fashion Vice returns with them paying homage to Bossman and the Ascension says they didn't actually destroy the office - they just wanted a spot on the card. The Ascension makes use of the cheese platter and tea before taking some tickets for the show. Lana vs. Naomi features far less skimpy gear and a fast win for Naomi off a split-legged moonsault. Aiden English sings and eats an RKO. He wants to kick some ass tonight, so Shane comes down and talks about their history. Jinder talks about giving Randy another shot - in a Punjabi Prison. Thank God they already had a video package prepared for it.

Mike and Maria Kanellis come out before Sami interrupts them to face Baron. Sami eats the End of Days and loses - so Baron finally beat Sami and they didn't job out the MITB holder. Nakamura chats about how KO should be afraid of him. MITB time leads to Charlotte getting an edge on Tamina with some chops. Tamina hits a big Samoan drop to Becky and we get a wacky spot where Becky climbs, but Tamina and Charlotte fold it and Tamina tosses her into Charlotte. Nattie and Charlotte fight up top before Carmella tips them over and eats a Becksploder!

Nattie, Charlotte, Becky, and Tamina fight it out on the ladder before it tips over. Carmella climbs, but they move her and the ladder over. Charlotte attacks Tamina and traps her under it...before changing things to better face the hard camera and Carmella gets an edge but Tamina tips them over. Nattie gets a sharpshooter on Carmella before a Natural selection hits her too. Ellsworth sneaks in, but Becky beats him up. Becky climbs, but Carmella stops her and hurts Becky's knee leading to Carmella using a chair and then winning again.

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