Tuesday, June 20, 2017

WWE SmackDown 6-20-17

Bryan meets with the MITB chicks before saying that he'll listen to them AFTER Ellsworth and Carmella. They yammer on forever before Bryan bickers with Charlotte backstage. Big E beats an Uso with the Big Ending. Nattie and Tamina yammer, before Naomi tells everyone to feel the glow, but gets interrupted by Lana. Randy cuts a robotic promo about hurting Jinder Mahal. Nakamura and Dolph have another match. The kinshasa to the back of the head sets up the kinshasa and the win. Sami is in a suit and chats with Bryan and Becky. This feels like them possibly teasing a Sami and Becky love storyline.

KO comes out for an open challenge, which AJ accepts. KO says AJ isn't from Dayton, BUT CHAD GABLE IS! Gable gets a dramatic 2 off a moonsault. KO necks him and wins with the powerbomb. Sami and Tye do a Sonic ad - each drink gets a 10. Bryan brings the women out to announce an MITB rematch for next week. Charlotte hits the Natural Selection on Carmella before Becky and her booty shorts lock on the disarmer. Jinder beats Harper with the cobra clutch slam. Orton and Jinder brawl and Randy hits a sloppy RKO to a diving Singh. Okay then.

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