Tuesday, June 13, 2017

WWE SD 6-13-17

New Day gets a big trumpet intro before the Usos interrupt and then the Fashion Police come down and then the Colons. We get an 8-man tag and New Day wins with the Up Up Down Down - the Demolition decapitation with a double stomp. Sami is annoying with both Nakamura and AJ, who he'll team with in the main event. Mojo chats about getting his chance against Jinder and he beat him before, but couldn't do it last week. Zack returns and they're buds against. Naomi beats Tamina, but gets beaten up by Lana afterwards and laid out with a hammerlock Sky High. Jinder cuts another intense promo - only now with a swank rug mid-ring. RKO outta nowhere takes out Jinder.

KO stirs things up with his partners. Nattie faces Charlotte, who is in awesome blue and white gear. Nattie gets 2 off a sitout powerbomb, but Natural Selection ends it. We get another amusing Fashion Files bit, showing off Fandango's many leg tats. Lana vows to become the first-ever ravishing SD Women's champion. AJ hits the forearm to setup the mafia kick to win it for the faces, while a brawl breaks out and Nakamura lays out Baron to climb the ladder and grab the case. Nothing show.

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