Friday, March 15, 2013

WWE SD 3-15-13

They played RCL before the show, so I watched the last few minutes. Holy crap what an annoying show. I could see the 10 year old version of me digging it though, so maybe they should've put it on as Saturday morning kids programming or something. It seems like it would've been awesome back-to-back with WMAC Masters. I approve of SD beginning with a match instead of a revolving door promo exchange. Tremendous flip bump from Ambrose off the apron during THE WWE APP bit on Raw - love how they're getting over Rollins' flying knee as a killer move too. ACCORDING TO TWITTER, the team of Orton and Sheamus is the #Celtic Vipers. Fucking terrible name and they have no chemistry together as partners. I loved Cody declaring that the fans didn't deserve to hear Sandow's story, although I completely forgot about these two doing anything during Raw. LOVED the Disaster kick off the table. It's so great that Cody has figured out a way to make that move seem deadly by having it come out of nowhere. It's kind of like Morrison's parkour gimmick, but minus the laughable skits running around the building like a video game character. He comes off like a smart guy using his environment to his advantage - kinda like Finlay. Shocked to see Orton make the match stand out by changing up his usual offense by adding an exploder to his arsenal. RKO on Cody won - this was a bunch of fun. THE #CELTICVIPERS WON. Loved the Shield's promo. It's a shame that they had Big Show work "two days later" on Main Event - didn't even bother trying to make the triple powerbomb seem deadly by doing that. Loved the heels making a challenge for a match - nice to see heels who aren't cowards. Jon Moxley and Tyler Black are going to WrestleMania! They announced Swagger-Jericho as the main event reasons being given for this match being made, but it should be quite good.

Yay, more stuff on The Call. Might Redbox it at some point. Probably won't though unless it's half off or free. They replayed the Kane skit - Kane with a smart phone is still amusing. Mr. Dongo is still coming. 110,000 books were read during the WM Reading Challenge, which was a natural segue to Brock killing the Outlaws on Raw. I'm disappointed that Brad actually wore a suit and wasn't dressed like a hipster. Show's shaved but still visible beard looks weird. Sheamus and Orton were kind of dicks to lead Show on like they did if they were just going to pick Ryback. Also, side by side, Ryback looks as old as Show. Kaitlyn's new theme sucks. Her last one was at least amusingly bad. Layla looks hotter with the lighter hair color. Tamina and Aksana look strange as a team. They got the worst camera angle ever for Kaitlyn leaning over the ropes to encourage Layla. Aksana has THE hottest body language in wrestling now. Nice flying shoulder block from Kaitlyn. Loved her knocking herself Loopy off the spear and then Layla sneakily stealing the win. Her heel turn is being built up well. The Funkadactyls GREW UP WATCHING THE BELLAS, holy hell that was funny, then Naomi made a brake sound and was all offended at being called a hoochie mama. This ruled.

Raw Rebound focused on the Punk-Taker deal - I've got a really good feeling about that feud now, and it seems very odd to type that given that it involves a man actually dying. Unlike the Brock vid, this segued nicely into Kane coming to the ring for a match. Seems to be againt Dolph for some reason. Again, a main event-level match being made with no reason for it. The Sandals commercial now featuring autotune is hilarious, as is them bragging about people having an all-inclusive vacation. Turns out the match is being made due to Bryan's comments about AJ and Dolph and their match on Raw. Fine reason - would've been great if they explained that before the break. Loved Maddox talking about being strong, but that Big E is even stronger than he is. This was a really fun match. Loved the sick bump Bryan took from the beal from Big E, and Dolph winning more or less clean here. Loved Big E laying out Kane with his move. Excellent stuff here overall.

Good God are these Alberto parody videos terrible. For one thing, they expose the Zeb ones as fake by using the same background. For another, they aren't funny, and they look cheap with the outfits, which is absurd given that Alberto's apparently a bajillionaire. LOVED Truth and Jericho being pals backstage, and his white and gold getup. Looks really slick. Swagger being offended that Jericho SNUCK OVER THE BORDER AT BIRTH was great. Shame that Jericho and Dutch didn't have more screen time together. None of Jericho's tattoos look good on him at all. Mr. Dongo is still coming. JBL Touted from Mt. Death - JBL is awesome. Fandango's new black and red getup looks awesome, but this whole gimmick gives off a big Disco Inferno vibe to me. I do love him burying Khali's dancing and English though. YOU FANDANGO! This was by far the best thing that Fandango's done - it's all about the DOOONNGGGG. This was remarkable - they should've started with this one.

JOHN CENA HAS MORE FACEBOOK FANS THAN ANYONE IN THE UFC! This led to them replaying Raw's Rock-Cena vid. Striker talked with Sheamus and Orton leading to a fine Shield beating because Ryback was busy preparing for his match with Henry. Rollins throwing plasticware onto Sheamus was amusing. They came back and Teddy gave Ryback all the exposition about what happened to his partners and Booker told him to not lose his focus. According to Josh, Ryback is a MENTAL MACHINE AND A PSYCHO FOR SUCCESS. I cannot even begin to imagine Ryback's character thinking of those. Loved them just doing a collar and elbow before the hield's theme hit, they came out and distracted Ryback, who LOST HIS FOCUS and got murderkilled by Henry as a result since Henry left him alone with them numerous times and he chose to fight them and not him, so he destroyed him with four slams. This was absolutely perfect, and the booking of everyone in this is great. Loved the massive blurring on the fat fan flipping off the Shield as they came out. YOU WILL NOT RUN THROUGH ME! Viva Mark Henry! He should be King of the Ring so he can be WWE's King Henry I.

They talked about the Highlight Reel from Monday, then showed Swagger attacking Sin Cara after the match to hype up the main event. After they set this match up, they had Josh talk about how Swagger won the MITB case and actually cashed it in 3 years ago against Jericho. WHY IN THE HELL WOULDN'T YOU MENTION THAT BEFORE!? They did a clothesline spot that looked weird, but was seemingly covered up with a knee to the gut from Jericho. Jericho looked so good here, and this run is going far better than his last one did. I think part of it might be expectations - they built the last one up huge and it wasn't all that great. It wasn't bad, but fell short of his '08 run. This one wasn't hyped up at all and was the first time they did a return for him without hyping it up, so it also felt different than the other ones. His work has been better here than it was just a year ago too. There, it almost seemed like he was in indy show mode on WWE TV, whereas now, he's having good to great matches constantly. Loved them doing the Angle-Eddie WM XX finish minus the boot removal for a nearfall. Odd to have it go through so many breaks but only have a few minutes of action each time. Nice ankle lock>Walls countering exchange. Jericho's sweet double axe handle AND crossbody off the top ruled. Loved the finish with Jericho bonking his head off the buckle and then getting hit with the Doctor bomb. This was my favorite Jericho TV match since his comeback and Swagger's best match in a long time. If they'd put this on Raw instead of the Sin Cara deal, it would have done a world of good for him.

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