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WWE SD 3-29-13

Not really hyped up for the show at all due to Reid Flair's death, and it isn't like SD has been so good that you just know there will be at least some good stuff on it to raise your spirits. Fine vid for Rock and the Shield to start the show. Cole brought up INTERESTING STATISTICS when Rock came out, which JBL thankfully ignored. Rock's giant smirk with a Hershey bar ruled, as did him facing some fun at his own expense with how he looked at 15. The Rock told a story about trying to find candy and made it great. Loved JBL marking out over BIG JOHNNY after burying him a ton on commentary in '06 and '07. Big Johnny's Rock impersonation ruled, as did him CONSTANTLY smiling while Rock refused to let go of him. JBL asking what Rock has against PB ruled too. Loved the WELP face on Johnny's face during the spinebuster. This was a blast. Team Random Babyfaces face TRS and Cesaro and they hyped up the bench press deal. Jericho-Barrett is up next.

They've given Fandango credit for Jericho's black eye. Somehow, the kick to the right side of Jericho's head caused his left eye to get messed up - goofy, but they're making Fandango seem like a threat, so that's cool. Goddammit - Miz is on commentary and within SECONDS declares that his match is once again THE MOST MUST-SEE MATCH IN THE HISTORY OF WM. Then he asked the heel in JBL to back him up that all he did was take advantage of a situation when he won thanks to HHH. This went a few minutes before a break setup by an awesome boot to the face from Barrett while Jericho was on the apron. Loved the evil eye Miz and JBL gave each other when Miz first sat down. Nice counter from the Wasteland into the Walls.

Cole cited Fandango's SAY MY NAME bit from Ali, and JBL said all he did was take it from his Twitter page. Then Miz bragged about beating both the US and IC Champs, but got confused on the shows. Can't blame him there. Miz cost Barrett the match by distracting him. Loved Jericho putting over his win over the champ to make it seem important and then referencing Queen and Funaki while trying to say Fandango's name. JBL saying Fandango is like Barishnakov crossed with Ken Shamrock was amazing. Fandango's really won me over the past two weeks - or whenever it was he started being an ass-kicker who happened to dance and dress wackily. HHH-Brock preview and a Heyman promo are next.

THE WRESTLEMANIA DVD SOLD MORE THAN THE SUPER BOWL'S! Great recap of the HHH-Brock deal - this build is a lot better than the Summerslam one, minus the HHH-Heyman beating. That did at least make me chuckle because it started with a high school-level insult of HHH's wife. Josh interviewing Heyman was...quite the quantum leap of quality between the two guys on-screen. Loved Heyman saying that wrestlers will be UNDER HHH'S EMPLOY - kinda surprised they didn't retake that line. Heyman was so awesome here saying that Brock will destroy HHH and ruin his executive career by making him resent the roster that can wrestle while he can't. Maybe that's why Hogan's sabotaged guys in TNA.

Booker and Teddy are out to explain what a bench press contest is, or a BITCHPRESS CONTEST as Booker seemed to call it. JBL hyping this up as being like Arcedi vs. Kazmier in their primes was hilarious. It probably would make a better bench press contest than a match, but I doubt the contest would be as amusing. Booker breaking in with an FYI on weightlifting records was hilarious. Booker seems so gloriously out of place in some situations. Henry lifted a weight a bunch - it was exactly as exciting as it sounds, but got great when he finished with THAT'S WHAT I DO! In theory, I liked the idea of Henry dropping the weights on Ryback's throat, but the execution was a bit too corny. They aired a video where Cena blamed everyone but himself for his life going to shit after losing to Rock. Henry-Ryback deal got a recap. Loved Booker getting other people involved to get Henry out of there instead of doing something himself. Love AJ sitting on the ropes like it's a swing for her mixed tag with Kaitlyn and Bryan. Kaitlyn and AJ's gear rules and AJ's bumping and selling of everything is great. AJ's ass looked great when she jumped on Bryan on the floor. Kaitlyn won with a killer spear - this was a lot of fun. Tremendous Shield promo - Ambrose is incredible, while Reigns has really blossomed and Rollins is...fine.

Zeb Colter hates Khali because CUSTOMER SERVICE LINES HAVE INDIANS ON THEM. Khali-Swagger was a great use of Khali - they did quite a bit of stuff given that Khali was involved, and focused on the leg as much as possible before having Swagger destroy Khali to send a message. DO NOT HIRE INDIANS FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE LINES. Seeing Dutch Mantell and Hornswoggle on the screen at the same time was something else. Ricardo waiting until after Hornswoggle got hurt before trying to help was a tad odd. Loved the use of the crutch on Zeb and sending the heels packing with it. This was really good stuff and probably the best overall thing they've done with the program in a while - easily the most exciting thing. Fine Punk-Taker recap vid made Raw's angle not awful. Renee Young, the annoying chick who interrupts classic Raws with Striker on 24/7, did a generic interview with Team Random Babyfaces to show some clips while Orton NOT IN HIS OWN SHIRT rallied the troops together and Sheamus and Show did some comedy. They were great - I'd be all for them being a wacky team in 2013.

Sandow's ho-yay bits with Cody made me think that instead of being the sexual intellectual like Gertner, his nickname should be the bisexual intellectual. Cesaro's yodeling getting a YOU'RE WELCOME was amusing. I have no idea what possessed them to give him that gimmick, or if it was his idea, but it really doesn't fit the character and comes off as more of a HEY SWISS PEOPLE DO THIS SO HE SHOULD DO THIS deal. I so love seeing Cesaro as a main event act on SD, and how Show BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF CODY WITH CHOPS, then nailing Cesaro with one, before Sandow avoided them made for an ad break. Cesaro's selling of the KO punch was amazing. Just fell like a tree. Show yelling for the brogue kick was great and I'm so glad that Show has seamless transitioned into this face role and that Cesaro didn't do the job here. Loved the face team coming up to whoop them some ass. Great build of largely undercard stuff for WM, and the world title match, which is technically a main event-level deal I suppose. This made me wish crowd brawling was in WWE's games again. This was the most realistic portrayal of crowd or arena brawling on WWE TV in ages too.

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