Friday, March 22, 2013

WWE SD 3-22-13

Nice recap of Swagger taking out Ricardo and the Shield-Orton/Sheamus/Show feud to open the show. Orton looks so out of place on the MizTV set. I just noticed this, but Orton's shirt has a shield on it. Loved Booker coming out and making a mystery HOLLA HOLLA SIX MAN TAG PLAYA. Swagger-Jericho gets a rematch, but first, Henry has to murder Ryder. Fine build for Ryback-Henry here. Just show each guy beating dudes for a couple of weeks and you're set. Great shots of Ryback and Henry squaring off after Ryback came down to prevent more damage to Ryder, and all they did here was a clothesline spot. Well, given that it's not known if he can get Henry up for the Shellshock and that's his B finisher, maybe they shouldn't have done it, but I didn't mind it. Odd to have Teddy say he made Henry-Ryback after announcing it before the Henry match, and building up some distrust between he and Booker. It did serve as a segue to the Booker HOF vid though.

I loved the best of nine trillion series continuing between Dolph and Kofi, and AJ sitting on the announce table to do commentary. AJ saying she'll take the black widow moniker as a compliment due to the comic book character was awesome - nice shred of her face character being intact. Glad to see Kofi getting revenge on Big E for Raw by diving on him, so there's actually a reason to have this match again and it got paid off here. Fameasser on the floor was sweet too. AJ's "LATA NERDS!" after the win ruled. Really fun stuff here and Big E's post-match attacks are a great way to get him over as a threat before 'Mania. Jericho/Fandango and Punk/Taker filler from Raw killed some time. I love the idea of Orton of all people being the voice of reason for his team - maybe that's one of the voices he hears in his head.

Another recap of the Swagger beating on Raw set the stage for Swagger-Jericho nicely. Dutch saying REEECARRRDDOOO is amusing. The match was about as good as last week's because it felt like a direct retread of it, only with FAN-DAN-GO interrupting. JBL saying he's "Fandangoing" amused me. The Sin Cara-like high kick from Fandango leading to the win from Swagger after the Swagger bomb splash was a good way to get him over as some kind of physical threat. Gorgeous flying legdrop off the top here too, so they got two big moves over for him in one shot. After this, I'm really looking forward to Jericho-Fandango, even if it does seem like an odd match for Jericho to have in a starpower sense. However, if Fandango makes it, a large part of the credit can go to Jericho if that works out well, and it's at least a chance to use a veteran talent to really get a new guy over. Rock-Cena vid replayed for the 90th time in two weeks - Friday Night filler continues. Damien reintroducing the Bellas and their brand new massive cleavage was fine. JBL and Cole ribbing JR by comparing him to Tensai and the raccoon hat was funny. This was... a thing. Tensai looks weird in the singlet - he should stick to the singlet top and leather pants.

Cesaro got a slightly-above jobber intro while Miz, who he's beaten numerous times, got a full intro and Barrett's on commentary. Ugh. I hate seeing the US Title and its best holder in eons used as pawns. Loved the running double stomp to Miz resulting in him almost surfing down his chest. I don't like Cesaro losing, but having it be due to missing a high knee in the corner, getting dropkicked and figure four leglocked is at least a good way to do it. WHAT THE FUCK DID CESARO DO TO DESERVE HAVING THE MOVE BEING DONE TO HIM AGAIN!? Miz is a prick and why is Barrett just in jeans and a shirt? He's supposed to be a suave ass-kicker, not a fan. The HHH-Heyman bit was condensed nicely into a video package so it didn't take nine years to get through. The big mystery team was 3MB, who at least have some swank gear thanks to Slater's nice vest and bandana armband. The match was exactly what you'd expect it to be, only with an awesome running big boot to Show from Drew that knocked him into a tag from Sheamus, and Show KOed Drew before Sheamus pinned Jinder with the kick. The Shield came out and didn't get into a fight - and one wasn't really needed since the faces were already fighting amongst themselves. Okay stuff, but a bit anti-climactic.

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