Wednesday, December 23, 2015

NXT 12-23-15

A week after NXT Takeover, we've got TNA on POP TV with around 100,000 viewers, WWE undoing all of their good with last week's Raw, and now an NXT follow-up that should be pretty good. Post-Takeover shows usually are. Takeover recap with HHH's voiceover, despite him being disabled as of Raw. Vaudevillains are out to face the Hype Bros, BAM, and Jordan/Gable.
Vaudevillains are dressed as Sherlock Holmes and Watson, which Corey calls out as blatant pandering. Hype Bros are slightly over. New red and white gear for the Vaudevillains. BAM's in their Krueger getup. Gable and Jordan are ungodly over. Great stuff with Gable and English doing nip ups. Blake, who thanks to Alexa, I know is the guy in the short trunks eats some Dick Murdoch headscissors takedowns. ARMBAR IN THE ROPES FROM GABLE! BUDDY MURPHY! MURPHY HAS A FIRST NAME! Jordan runs wild with dropkicks. Double back suplex with a bridge wins! Emma-Asuka recap leads to them showing the fantastic post-match bit with Dana, Emma, and Asuka mocking Emma with her dance.

NXT UK tour recap. Every act here is so hot, it's astounding. If a mainstream news outlet watched this, they would easily think that WWE as a whole was on a hot streak and high point in popularity. Tye Dillinger cuts a promo on Sami - so he's a heel now this week or something. Vignette for the drifter - he debuts next. Flying elbow wins for Samson. Bayley-Nia Jax recap. Tye is out and slightly over. The "Ole" chant begins the second Tye is in the ring. Sami's out with a new jacket and super-duper over. The fans sing his theme as he hops into the ring, and it's glorious. Tye works on the arm a bit, leading to Sami as the underdog - yay! Sami gets his comeback and lands a fisherman buster for 2. Blue thunder bomb gets 2.5. Buckle exploder by Sami! Helluva kick wins and he gets a "you deserve it" chant for his post-match promo.

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