Monday, December 14, 2015

WWE Raw 12-14-15

Steph's cleavage starts the show being very angry. HE'S A DADDY BY GOLLY. Roman begs to be fired and Steph says that THAT THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD IS COMING TONIGHT. Dolph's out to face...DEAN!? Dean's actually wearing the IC Title, which is kinda neat. Hook and Ladder gets 2. Owens attacks both guys and powerbombs Dean a couple of times. Owens refuses to justify his actions. Team ECW says words. TESTIFY! Steph yammers to some blonde in a very gaudy floral dress. TRUTH LIVES! He's facing Bo until Vince comes down and tells them to get the hell out of his ring.

Vince compares himself to God and has a great little bit. He wants a chair and the stagehand gives him a folding chair, so he kicks it and takes the nice office chair. Vince just being in the ring with Roman makes Roman seem like a big deal. Vince wants an apology, but Sheamus says he'll force him to apologize TONIGHT. Sheamus says he can beat him any time, so he'll beat him tonight too! Roman says that Vince's grapefruits are shriveled prunes now, and time has passed Vince by. Vince gives him the match, but if he doesn't win, he's FIIIRREEEED! So this ruled. Except for Vince badly kicking Roman in the balls and him selling it.

Swagger and Ryback team up to face ADR and Rusev. Rusev beats Swagger. Neville beats Tyler thanks to "Miz's coaching" via giant director's horn thing. Wyatts against Team ECW in an Extreme Rules match. Tommy gets the ECW baseball slide into Luke and a trashcan...and is wearing those damned Dusty pants. JBL plugs House of Hardcore a bit. Spicolli Driver off the stage through two tables onto Harper. Boy this is fun. 3D to Harper through the table gets 2 thanks to Bray! Bray Abigails Rhyno and a Rowan splash through the table kills Rhyno. Recap of tonight's events.

New Day's out to be wacky. They congratulate their enemies and DANCE WACKILY. Woods DOES A HANDSTAND! Then their enemies attack like cowards! Becky and Charlotte team up against Team Bella. Thanks to cheating from the Flairs, Becky locks on the Disarmer but she didn't see it. Wacky Ttitus Christmas merch skit. Title match is up with Vince totally being pro-Sheamus. Big match intro time sets up some stiff shots before a break.

Post-break chinlock time. Roman bomb gets 2. Edgucator is locked on by Sheamus. Superman punch hits, but Vince pulls the ref out. League comes out, but Rusev gets punched. ROMAN SUPERMAN PUNCHES VINCE! Brogue gets 2 Brogue leads to a spear - an exact repeat of last week's finish, but for the gold. The fans went pretty wild for Roman here, and hey, they needed to make him THE MAN. They absolutely needed to, and yeah, they hot-shotted, but they need something and did it.