Wednesday, December 16, 2015

NXT Takeover London 12-16-15

HHH opens the show as a huge babyface and cuts a fiery promo about NXT. We get a quick recap video showcasing the major matches. Asuka's out, so we're starting with a fantastic match in Asuka vs. Emma. Emma is out and has shades, but sadly, also longer shorts. A giant "Asuka's gonna kill you chant" breaks out and she gestures in the most animated way possible in approval. Asuka outwrestles her, but a missed dropkick lets Emma get a quick 2. Flying Fujiawara armbar by Asuka! Asuka lands kicks and a FLYING HIP ATTACK to the floor. Dana distracts her a bit, and Emma takes advantage.

It's amazing how NXT builds up Asuka vs. Dana and we wind up getting MONTHS OF STORYLINE out of it, and they're logical and can lead to a 2 on 1 handicap match with the heels actually feeling outnumbered. Elbow to the neck from Emma. Emma gets a snapmare kick and 2, leading to Asuka screaming in rage.
Asuka gets 2 off a backslide, but Emma gets a near-Rainmaker for 2. Great bit where Asuka stops short on an Irish whip, so Emma just slaps the shit out of her. POP-UP MISSILE DROPKICK FROM ASUKA! Big dropkick and a jumping spin kick! Kicks and elbows! HIP ATTACK! D-Bryan kick combo! Emma ducks a backfist and gets a cradle, but it only gets 2 and she eats more backfists! HIP ATTACK. Emma gets the Dilemma and a butterfly suplex into the buckle! Emma Sandwich gets 2. Emma lock is countered into an Ankle lock! GERMAN SUPLEX! Shining black! Asuka Lock is on, but Emma shoves her into the ref! Dana throws her glove to Emma and the ref sees it, but doesn't think she used it. Emma goes for a cradle, but get Asuka Locked! Emma taps, but Dana has the ref. The screen goes black and Emma loses via high kick! Super-fun match.
Tag title match is up. Some poor man is an Enzo cosplayer, and Enzo himself is in black leather overalls and a bright red leather jacket. "Bad" is just one way to describe this look. The Mechanics have added WHITE GEAR, so they kind of have some visual identity. Big Cass is so great just dominating in the corner with body blows - definitely gotta throw those into his moveset in 2K16. Mechanics take Enzo apart at the shoulder. VINTAGE ANDERSONS. Hammerlock Northern lights gets 2. Cass eats a trailer hitch, but gets to the rope. Schoolboy gets 2! Big boot and a tag! Rocket launcher gets 2 when Dawson pulls Enzo out of the ring. SUPER SMASHING MACHINE WINS!

Baron vs. Crews recap, and Crews looks like such a star with this theme and entrance with so many fans in the building. Corey talks about Baron retreating strategically...much like his hairline. Baron dominates and lands a big boot. Crews gets a nice tackle and some awful punches from the top. Again on the does he need work on the striking. Flatfooted moonsault off the apron to the floor! Stinger splash from Crews leads to a spinning sidewinder suplex from Baron for 2. END OF DAYS WINS! Zayn hype video. Nia Jax will dominate! BAYLEY HYPE VIDEO!

Nia's new ring jacket is ridiculous. BAYLEYMANIA! Even "ONE FALL!" got a sing-along bit here. The crowd sings wacky songs for a while. A sunset flip is countered, so Bayley kicks away, but just gets tossed around. Big headbutt too. They show a long shot and it's very TNA-esque with the darkened crowd. Bayley gets a bit of an edge in the corner with a counter and lands some flying standing elbows. Dropkick to the..we'll say knee. Shining black and a flying back elbow off the top can't take her down .Bayley hops off and just gets shoved. TRIANGLE CHOKE BY BAYLEY! Nia lifts her up and chucks her onto the top rope for a headbutt. Nia gets shoved trying a superplex and a swanton hits for 2! Samoan Drop City here from Nia. Legdrop city to the throat and neck. Nia mocks Bayley and does her pose. Bayley gets a guillotine choke locked on, but Nia powers out. Nia leans down, but it's on again! Another toss by Nia. It's on AGAIN and Nia goes down to a knee! Bayley turns it into a pin, and then a slick neck crank! Nia taps! Not an amazing match, but a great story match.

 Joe shadowboxes in the back and comes out. Jack the Ripper video replays for Finn, and we hear a woman scream and blood trip on the tron. FINN THE RIPPER! Joe isn't amused by any of this. They size each other up a bit before Joe goes to the floor and eats a baseball slide dropkick and a PK apron kick. Shotgun dropkick into the steps! Double stomp on the steps misses and Joe nails the STO on the floor. Joe runs wild with shots mid-ring. Nasty chops too and then the corner high kick lands. Chop to the back and the running kick lead to a jumping knee for 2. Inverted atomic and the running kick hits, but the senton misses!

Balor has hope! And that's dashed with a running plancha for 2! Powerbomb into the crab! Crossface into a modified Rings of Saturn, but Balor gets the ropes. Big DDT from Finn. Corner high kick sends Joe to the floor, where he eats a swanton dive. Double stomp to the back hits for 2. Slingblade, but Joe rebounds and goes for the Muscle Buster - but Finn cradles him for 2. Pele! Rolling elbow into the choke, but Finn runs and ducks into the buckle. Finn rolls out of the choke and lands a double stomp! Slingblade transitions to the shotgun kick fires up Joe, but he eats a dropkick to the back and Finn goes up. Joe gets up and goes for the Buster. Finn chops, and Joe high  kicks him. SUPER FISHERMAN BUSTER teased, but Finn chops and stomps for the win!

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