Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WWE NXT 12-1-15

Before the show, there's a hilarious Beyond the Ring with HBK talking about turning down Vince for a movie role and Batista not being around, so HHH got the gig and called him a dick. So THAT'S THE STORY OF RAY BRADSTONE! Love the irony of them mocking Vince for last-second planning and how it makes everyone's lives a living Hell. Generic intro starts things off before we see the crowd and they talk about Takeover in 2 weeks. BARON VON WOLFIE comes out to face the Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger. Tye is so perfect with whatever this gimmick is. Baron gets a wacky flippy-do pumphandle slam to spin him around. Dillinger gets a Thesz press and some mounted punches with both hands to mix that spot up. Superkick gets 2 for Tye leads to him diving off into a fallaway slam>End of Days - slick. Baron has improved quite a bit. Apollo says he'll team with Balor next week, but it won't be a preview for Takeover - but for the NXT Title scene. Joe vs. Ciampa is tonight's main event! Nia Jax gets to kill Blue Pants next.

Ciampa cuts an excellent, realistically-intense promo about how he has no title shot - and that makes him dangerous. No one thinks he can beat Joe, but he does and he'll prove it. Nia Jax has new gear that appears to have been made in Fire Pro Returns - including wacky shoulder pads. I guess they changed the Price is Right theme over some kind of legal not paying to use the Price is Right theme. They should've gone with that awful game show theme they gave Dusty on the WM DVDs. Blue Pants makes stupid Power Rangers poses and gets her ass kicked for it. +1 for Nia. Nasty hair Biel by Nia sends her down violently. Nia has added a shoulder breaker to her arsenal and some elbows. Corner avalanche leads to a Samoan drop, the legdrop, and the win with a foot on the chest. Good showcase for her if I ever want to make her in FPR. Corey calls Blue Pants Soiled Pants...okay then. Human Friend interviews the tag champs, who have matching tracksuits. Team Sawft faces the champs at Takeover. Heel champs point out several valid reasons as to why the "number 1 contenders" don't actually deserve it, but they enjoy competition, so they'll give them a shot. Great bits where they call Enzo Cass's carry-on. Vaudevillains face Gable and Jordan. Storm vs. Rose is up next, and Storm is called "the Cowboy" instead of "the Outlaw", which is a better name.

Adam Rose comes out and cuts his theme, which is bad for him since it's the only part of his act that is over. The fans sing it anyway. He has giant Dr. Seuss hat-style socks on. "The Bearded Outlaw, the Cowboy" James Storm is out! Storm has white and red gear with shiny black knee pads and shiny boots - it's a good overall look. Kneeling cobra clutch from Rose is fought out of by Storm. Nice babyface comeback by Storm leads to the high kick and CLAPPING! LAST CALL superkick wins - so much better than the wacky spinny-ma-do he won with before. Storm's style isn't well-suited for squashes, but this was a better match than his first one. Love Storm singing his theme. Amazing how much more of a star he comes off as an NXT guest star than as a regularly-featured act on TNA at literally the exact same time on TV. Vaudevillains cut a promo on Team Gable, and Jordan has a Dusty tribute on while looking EXACTLY like a tan Kurt Angle in 2000. Sami Zayn video showing his journey for the NXT Title.

Vaudevillains come out while Team Gable is hugely over and gets a "Ready, Willing, Gable" chant and "Ga-ble!" chant right away. Goddamn - Gable is so smooth with his ringwork. He picked the leg and did a spinning legsnap smoother than anyone out there. Jordan tags in and gets a crotch lift takedown. If WWE won't bring Kurt back under a contract, at least have him be Team Gable's manager at WM. Kneebreaker into a dragon screw INTO A TAG! CHRIST! Could Gable please not kill himself taking a bump to the floor in a mid-card NXT tag match. Scary bump there. Series of dropkicks from Jordan leads to a big suplex and the double German gets the win! Vaudevillains refused a handshake. Great bit with Emma and Dana backstage. Fat interview guy got head-patted by Dana, which relieved her. Drifter promo.


This look is easily Emma's best - perfect color scheme. Emma has added a little ass shimmy in-tune with her theme and is wearing black gloves too. Liv Morgan came out as a Jersey girl with "head-bopping music". Emma's dark-rooted look is also great, and she just destroys Liv with her regular moves. Liv goes for a perfectly-valid submission and then...spins through it to land some goofy punches. Ugh.  Emma keeps her on track for a few things and curb stomps her to set up the Emma Lock for the win. After the match, we see Asuka hit a heavy bag and she says she'll see her in 2 weeks. Simple and perfectly-setup match here. Shame that the "divas revolution" will never reach even 10% of this greatness. They legit have acts that can sell out 20,000+ seat buildings with the NXT women's division, while the main roster's women couldn't sell out a small armory. Blah Bayley promo about facing challenges head-on before a straightened-hair version of Nia appears and looks right at her, and looks far better than usual. Nia tosses her through a door that falls over without any effort whatsoever. Otherwise, good stuff here.


Byron talks about how Joe introduced Ciampa to his wife, and tied the promo from before into this match. They proceed to BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF EACH OTHER! Super-stiff chops and slaps here. Ciampa gets an O'Connor roll into an arm stomp, which looked great. Tremendous Fire Pro combo from Ciamp with slaps, elbows, and knee strikes. Front choke from Ciampa leads to big elbows too. Now he's got Brock's Kimura on before Joe tosses him into the buckle. Giant kick hits Ciampa! SNAP POWERSLAM hits. Goddamn, this is the best Joe has looked in WWE. Can they release the NXT DLC for 2K16 now so I can do Brock vs. Joe, please!?  This is the first match that has had me on my feet while just watching it in ages. Muscle buster into the Kokina clutch gets the win. OUTSTANDING show this week.

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