Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WWE NXT 12-9-15

The show is up on-demand a whole FOUR MINUTES EARLY! It's the NXT Takeover go-home show, so clearly, we should get tons of talking and skits. Team Sawft is out being serious, with Cass appearing to be GIGANTIC and now with Kobashi kneepads. They're going to face Hollis and Skyler - JOBBERS INC. Nice Mr. Perfect dropkick from Enzo, and the boxing-style shorts are a big upgrade. Challengers get an impressive win and cut a nice, serious promo for a change. They're family, the champs tried to end it, and now they're gunning for revenge. Emma insults Tom for asking stupid questions and she says she started the revolution with the Emmalution. Dana mocks him for being tall and he hunches down for a head pat. Ha! Nice hype vid for The Perfect 10.

Asuka seductively licking her mask is something else. Deonna Perrozzo, the Ferrari logo tights girl is out to be victimized. Asuka does a lot of stuff around Deonna so she can look good and do next to nothing. Deonna escapes the armbar, but eats a billion and one kicks. God, I really need to make her in FPR. Heels come out to distract her, but she just kicks Deonna anyway and knocks her out. Asuka is OFFICIALLY the smartest babyface in WWE. Also, its biggest badass since she's the first act since Brock to win via KO. Hype Bros are annoying backstage. Especially Mojo, who references shit and Mrs. Doubtfire. ALEXA HAS NEW EVIL GEAR! And massive cleavage. Their Kreuger gear is great.

Graves burying every single thing about the Hype Bros amuses me greatly. "Get on the Hype Train!" "I'd rather lay across the tracks!" Graves buries Mojo for jiggling and being generally awful. Fun little match here, mainly due to the banter. Mojo's uber-goofy discus punch gets 2. Hype Ryder WINS!? This doesn't bode well for the Dubstep Cowboys. Joe tells Baron that they don't see eye to eye, but they have common enemies.

IT'S BAYLEY is out! Payton's theme is pretty good club music. Doesn't fit...whatever her character is. Tremendous "Better than Eva/THAT'S NOT HARD!" chant. Not much of a match here, but Bayley is crazy over and wins with the Hugplex. Eva and Nia come out and get booed. Bayley's look of hatred at THE BIG MEANIES rules. Bayley looks terrified and heartbroken over the mere thought of not being champion. Amazing how such a simple story works. Apollo and Balor exchange WWE Promo Words for a bit. Sami hype video showcases the Cena match and Bret promo. Apollo's lighting is ready to #jointheforce.

God does Finn have "it". So great at every little thing he does. Great intro just in the jacket. Love Joe tagging out INSTANTLY to avoid Balor. Baron does it to Apollo, meaning that they're actually doing a better job of building up Crews-Corbin than the TLC main event. Wacky flippy-ma-do slam to Crews gets 2. Joe and Balor go at it and we get a series of forearms alongside a penalty kicks! CORNER MOUNTED ELBOWS. Brock must steal that immediately. Corbin shoves Balor off into a death valley driver, and he gets choked out! He's "foaming at the mouth" and it's a great scenario for Joe since he credibly beat the champ here. Great show.

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