Saturday, April 29, 2017

NXT 4-26-17

Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot start the show off with a big brawl. Security comes out here to separate them in any way they can without actually touching them. An Itami-Roode recap leads to Roode denying a title shot to him - he'll have to earn a shot. Almas comes out and we get a hype video for the NXT book. Drew comes out to face Almas, who dominates a bit to start. A shot to the steps and then a backbreaker/Nightmare on Helms Street gets 1. Almas slaps him and eats a big double sledge. MID-RING CHOPFEST! Drew hits a Scott Steiner-esque mid-air powerslam. Claymore kick ends it! Fun match.
Regal says that Ruby will face Nikki Cross tonight. An incredible Roderick Strong video airs showing more about him than he's ever told before on TV. Roddy says that folks think he had a perfect life, but he didn't. He says his mom had a drug issue, his dad had booze. He shows the trailer where he'd babysit himself - and watch out a window with a BB gun to protect himself. One day, his mom shot his dad and collapsed his lung.
He says that he thought a random guy shot his dad - so to learn it was his mom was shocking. His mom still has the trailer, and it's got Roddy's NXT debut on it in a photo. She is shown at NXT shows and Roddy says that wrestling was the first thing he loved. He had a ring in his backyard and Jim Neidhart trained both his dad and him. We get backyard footage of Roddy, which is a bit surprising on an actual WWE show. He says he knew he was good at it since he was 13. His description of the performance center was "I...can't put a price on it!".
Next week has part of this and they could just air this verbatim on Raw and make him a star. Kona Reeves comes out to be massacred by Aleister Black. A series of kicks and then a Black Mask ends it. This is a solid formula. Ruby is interviewed by a new interview human and says she doesn't conform. Almas leaves to party with an SUV full of hot women.
Nikki jumps Ruby on the ramp. They brawl all over the building and get separated again. So that's it, and then Regal tells Asuka that a battle royal will be held to determine her next challenger. Jack Gallagher comes down to face Tyler Bate for the UK Title. Tyler's game show theme is somethiing else. Jack does a variety of wacky arm locks and gets 2. A monkey flip leads to a neat double bridge.
Slow motion avalanche German by Bate gets 2. Jim Breaks Special by Gallagher! Tyler goes for a dive, but eats a headbutt. Mid-ring, Jack hits another one and it's clear that he's got absolutely perfect timing on the thigh slap - so maybe they should go for a tighter shot. This gets 2.5 for Gallagher. A rolling heel kick leads to the Tyler Driver '97 and the win. Tom hypes up the WWE UK weekly show coming soon.

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