Friday, April 21, 2017

WWE NXT 4-19-17

Roode comes out with his giant nXt Title that now looks like a good, classy version of the X Title instead of a weird giant X with a film strip. Roode brags about filling the Amway Center for Takeover and talks about how everyone gave Nakamura a sendoff except him. After several eons, which is horrible for an hour-long show, Itami comes down and hits a GTS. Well, if you're going to shoot him to the top after doing NOTHING with him for two years, this is the way to do it.

Tyler chats and will defend against Jack Gallagher next week. Almas is cocky to Drew "earlier today". Almas beats Danny Birch with the hammerlock DDT. Liv and Aaliyah beat the meat girls with a sunset flip. EY and Tye have their big blowoff. EY gets color, which is a bit surprising and hits a giant flying elbow off the top of the cage. THIS ONLY GETS 2 ON FUCKING NXT WITH TYE ON THE MAIN ROSTER. Sanity closes the door on Tye before Ohno and Roddy and Ruby make a save. Sanity comes in the cage, giving Tye a chance to leave. So yet another WWE cage match where the cage really wound up meaning nothing - so why do it? 

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