Tuesday, April 25, 2017

WWE SD 4-25-17

Renee is mid-ring to introduce Nakamura. He does his intro, Dolph comes out and is a dick for seemingly ever before cheapshotting him and going for a superkick. This gets turned into an inverted powerslam and that sends him packing. AJ beats Corbin with a sunset flip, which means nothing after a KO and Sami brawl. Charlotte is a bitch to an interviewer and it's beat the clock time for a tag title shot. God, TWO WEEKS INTO THIS SHAKEUP and they have no ideas. The Colons face AA. AA wins in 5:17 with the Grand Ampitude.

 The Viper beats the Vinter in a match that is far too long and wins with the RKO. Jinder and the Singh brothers attack Orton and Jinder hits a cobra clutch slam to lay him out. Breezango beats The Ascension in 2:30 or so to BECOME THE TOP CONTENDERS. A MONTH AGO, THEY WERE JOBBING TO NIKKI BELLA. Naomi faces Charlotte in the main event, but Nattie, Tamina, and Carmella come in for a DQ. God, this show feels like such a pile of nothing.

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