Tuesday, April 11, 2017

WWE SD 4-11-17

KO comes out in a grey suit and HE'S SHAVED. He looks a decade younger easily. Baron comes out to chat, then Sami, and then AJ. Bryan makes a 3 way with everyone but KO. Rowan beats up Orton, and Bray can apparently appear on SD via satellite and that's okay. Usos beat AA with a superkick and Superfly splash before the Shining Stars debut. Mojo faces Jinder, and Gronk gets involved again. 

Shane brings the women down and talks about the next acquisition. TAMINA of all people gets a big intro. Tamina. Really. Actually, it was for Charlotte. Well, that was expected and a good move. Sin Cara comes to SD. Ditto Rusev! Okay, Rusev needs to be in the WWE Title mix instantly. Aiden English sings, gets beaten by Tye. Well, Tye's kinda over. Lana shows off her ass and will apparently be a wrestler on SD. Dolph comes out to talk, but gets interrupted by Nakamura. New Day gets a big hype video. Baron faces AJ and Sami, and AJ wins with a forearm. Not much to this.

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