Tuesday, April 4, 2017

WWE SmackDown 4-4-17

A very long WM recap leads to Orton coming out. He yammers for a bit before Bray promises to make things even worse for him. OH NO. MORE HOLOGRAMS! Bray jumps him, but eats a powerslam. A GIANT GINGER-BEARDED MAN comes in and Otunga wonders who it is. Cripes - he may have actually wondered who Charlie Brown From Outta Town was. Harper saved Orton, and we've got a House of Horrors match. Miz buries Cena's proposal and Alexa loses once again to the twister choke. Well, maybe she's going to Raw.

Hawkins issues an open challenge and gives someone until the count of 10 to come out. Tye squashes him. Mojo and a ridiculous Zubaz suit chat about partying with Gronk. Miz as Cena and Maryse come down and say they're leaving. A VIOLIN PLAYER IS ON-STAGE! KING OF SOFT STYLE VS. THE KING OF STRONG STYLE. Nakamura's intro is amazing and he has the fans singing along on day one on the main roster. Dean loses to Corbin in a street fight. It's every WWE hardcore match ever, only with a flying elbow through a table and an End of Days finish. Orton and Harper beat Bray and Rowan, mostly Rowan in this, with the RKO. Not really much to this show.

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