Saturday, April 1, 2017

NXT Takeover Orlando - 4-1-17

HHH's voice talks about how TONIGHT, WE SHOW THAT WE ARE NXT. So HHH is both a babyface and a heel officially in NXT canon. Nigel, Tom, and Percy are ringside with SANITY's match starting things off. They beat up Jose a and Ruby Riot immediately stands out in NXT. She, Tye, Roderick, and now Kassius will face them. Ohno is finally actually wearing his jersey, thank God. Cross and Ruby do really nicely in there and have fantastic chemistry. Tye goes for the Tye breaker, but gets kicked by Wolfe and eats a One Winged Angel by Dain. Solid opener.

Almas is out to face Alistair Black, who has a cool lifting vampire entrance. Delete chants break out quickly. Back and forth cradles get 2. Black Mass kick KOs him for the win. Fine showcase for both guys. New black, gold, and silver NXT Tag Titles are revealed - and I like doing this before the match because it makes each title match stand out.

A Revival double team legdrop gets 2. Gargano and Dawson team up on Akam for a great submission - but Razar breaks it up. Razar hoists up both Revival guys, but eats a ton of kicks before DAWSON AND GARGANO DO THE SUPERKICK/KNEE! This is crazy, but just doing a running knee strike got a holy shit chant. Last Chapter hits and takes out DIY - so now we've got heels vs. heels, but the Revival are at least character babyfaces to some degree. Super Collider hits and AOP wins it - they needed to look good and did, so this was excellent for them and they held their own.

 Ember Moon comes down and they hype up Asuka being a champion for a day shy of a year. Nigel says he was a world champ for over a year, and it's tough. The new women's title is bigger, but stands out far less. This would be a nice design for the main NXT Title though. Asuka dominates, but Ember actually gets up from the hip attack. The Asuka lock isn't fully on, and Ember gets up from it. Rope hip attack misses, but Ember's back kick doesn't! Rope-bound German gets 2 for Asuka. A slap exchange leads to a rolling elbow by Moon, who goes for the Eclipse, but Asuka tosses the ref into the ropes and a buzzsaw kick wins it!

Nakamura is shown working out a bit in new slick red and blacked-striped gear. The Roode-Nakamura hype video has Roode talk about how he's taken NXT beyond just being underground. Nakamura's intro is its usual greatness, and Roode gets 2 PIANO PLAYERS now. His bright white and black robe is outstanding. The NXT Women's Title design is basically just the Women's Title, so that's good. It's very similar to the TNA Title, and should look as good on Roode as that did. Nakamura dominates with kicks and knees, but Roode's matwork and lariats give him an edge. Roode works on the knee, but it doesn't prevent Nakamura from kicking away hard in the corner. Kinshasa is countered into the spinebuster for 2.9! A front chop block leads to a tornado Implant DDT to win!

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