Tuesday, April 18, 2017

WWE SD 4-18-17

A memoriam graphic airs for Rosey. Charlotte comes out and wants an SD Women's Title shot, so Naomi comes down and Shane says no, you don't get the shot - you have to beat Naomi. Naomi complains. Carmella and Tamina come in to complain. Jinder wins the number 1 contender's match and he now has flunkies who help him beat Sami. Jinder says America doesn't want diversity, but they'll have to accept him as THE NEXT WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Orton says words to him, and then Bray says more words.

A Nakamura hype video airs and then AJ talks to Baron, who he'll face later. Charlotte beats Naomi by kicking her when she goes for SHE CALLS IT THE REAR VIEW and hits the Natural Selection. Shining Stars outsmart American Alpha to win. Wow have they fallen. A Tye hype video airs and he says he's the Perfect 10. KO and his new great Face of America tron are out. He's doing commentary for AJ vs. Baron, and AJ gets tossed into him to set up their post-Payback feud. AJ hits the forearm off the apron and sends Baron into the crowd to win.

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