Sunday, October 25, 2015

Breaking Ground Episode 1 - Onward and Upward

HHH is in a darkened NXT ring and says that it takes a lot to be in WWE. "It" is the key to making it to WWE. William Shatner is our narrator and says no one is guaranteed a thing while loud rock music plays the intro. Bayley talks about being inspired by Lita and Trish and seeing if they could do it, she could too. Josh, the Tough Enough 2015 winner, enters the performance center. He meets briefly with Matt Bloom and asks the date - 9-9-15.

We see a quick recap of some of WrestleMania's biggest events sans Ronda Rousey, but with The Rock. Matt Bloom runs the crew through some drills with Adam Pearce and Norman Smiley looking on. Tino "Sabby" Sabbatelli is an ex-NFL player who is viewing NXT as his second chance at stardom. "Sabby" is here seemingly to be the guy who shows how even past sports success doesn't guarantee anything in WWE. He's sidelined with a concussion, and will be taking a concussion test in a few days.

Baron Corbin rides his motorcycle and is put over as an NFL player who was too aggressive and also succeeded at golden gloves boxing. We see a clip of him landing a nice forearm smash to Samoa Joe and then tree slams him. Sara Amato is shown with the female roster and she says that training has always been her real passion in wrestling.

Nooph is 19 and has been struggling to succeed so far. She's been training since she was 16, and lied to her parents about training. Matt is concerned about how much she's struggling to just get up for a hiptoss, and she finally does and lands awkwardly. Devin Taylor is shown and while she's mainly been an announcer, she wants to be a wrestler too.

She wants to be more than an announcer, but is struggling to learn what's needed. Sara says that she's been hurt a lot with injuries. Sara tells her the transition from out of ring to in-ring is going to be really hard. Baron works out in the performance center while Matt Bloom tells him to work on his abs, and Corbin gets offended. Baron says he doesn't put up with shit, and he's asked why he's got a mark on his face - it's mat burn from trying a standing moonsault.

Apollo Crews talks about his parents starting from nothing. We see clips of him from EVOLVE alongside photos of Dragon Gate USA. Apollo's father was proud to see his WWE debut and told him to never take no for an answer. Sabby is training a bit while Shatner talks about WWE's strict head trauma protocol. He throws some fine punches against a phantom opponent before doing some huge leaps onto vertical leap pads. Matt tells him to be smart and he does some running drills.

Promo class is shown and Regal tells them that the fans are addressing the camera like they're the audience. We see Regal's "Real Man's Man" gimmick, his late ''08 character, the snob in WCW, and then coming out in a dress on Raw to show his versatility. Mojo Rawley says he'll knock you out in a pair of flip flops.

Baron Corbin travels to a live event with his girlfriend and Norman Smiley, who looks about 90% the same as he did in WCW. Norman insisted that they travel with a map and highlighter. Baron says he thought he would just take over day one. He's concerned about when he'll leave NXT and Norman won't give him an answer. The NXT crew sets the ring up before the live event.

Mojo tells Baron to "work that pork", and Baron says he can be a prick - and that doesn't bother him. Drake Wuertz is shown helping set up the ring in a shirt, which I'm surprised to see didn't get blurred. They run through tonight's card, which will see Finn Balor and Samoa Joe take on Baron Corbin and Tyler Breeze. Nooph isn't working, and she's heartbroken.

Bayley tells Carmella that it's weird to hold the title. We see a time lapse of the lighting setup and get clips of Bayley and Carmella winning their match. Corbin says that every struggle he's gone through will be worth it when he makes it as either WWE Champion or is on WrestleMania. Finn Balor beats him with the double stomp.

Nooph asks Sara what happened to her match. Sara tells her that she's sorry, but things changed. Matt Bloom asks Sara if Devin's body can handle this, and Sara tells him that she's had two big injuries. Sabby's concussion testing is up soon and the trainer/tester Bryan tells him that if he takes bumps and starts feeling nauseous or light-headed to just say something. Sabby is eager to get back to work and he does a headlock takeover and bumps off a shoulder tackle while Shatner says this could be the end of him in NXT if he doesn't pass the test. Canyon Ceman introduces himself as the VP of talent relations and says he has to let people go. He is in a room with both Sabby and Devin, and we fade to black with the WWE copyright information - so that's the hook for next week.
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