Monday, October 5, 2015

TNA Bound For Glory 2015

Drew hype video starts the show off while Josh says that TNA HAS THE GREATEST WRESTLING ROSTER EVER! Manik, who was called TJP on Impact, is back to Manik. Andrew Everett is debuting here in Ultimate X. Nice outside-in curb stomp by DJZ, who then dives to the floor - so he can't get the title. Uno is alone, but goes for a flippy do instead of the belt. Inside-out SSP from Everett. Manik gets kicked off the X by Everett, who is walking the X holding onto the truss. HE TAKES A BUMP OFF THE X AND THEN THEY ALMOST MISS THE LANDING. Uno retains, but Everett shined brightest and shaved a good year off his career with that bump. Shane Helms came down after the match in a giant green jacket. He now has a "25 year storied and illustrious career". Pope says he's in his TRADEMARK COLOR that is ALSO ON THE TITLE. Helms looks 25 feet tall next to Uno.

Gauntlet for the gold is up. This is just a cluster for a title shot - I guess the World title since EC3 just cut an awful promo on-stage. THE LEGENDARY AL SNOW is out. Aiden 'O Shea debuts looking like Roadkill in a sleeveless shirt. Shera comes out and looks tentative just throwing punches on the ramp. He punches and punches and punches. And throws lariats that look like punches to everyone. Everyone does the Shera Shake, Aiden at least does it as a way to just kick some ass - so he has some sense. Tyrus kills dudes and then Dreamer comes out in Dusty polka dots. Pope came in, then ran when Tyrus and Abyss were staring at him. Well, that was a great way to kill the crowd. Tyrus wins this and tells EC3 he wants his title.
Wolves face Lee and Myers. Josh tells us that Lee's father started OMEGA with the Hardys and he had a beard young and it allowed him to look older so he kept it. Really fast action here, with the Wolves hitting all their moves and then retaining by using Chasing the Dragon. Lashley and Roode have a technically very good match that isn't very exciting. They hit each other's moves, and Roode wins off a Roode bomb. Hebner HOF video lasts about a minute. Kong-Kim is up, and Kong can't do anything. She gets a cross armbreaker, but that's about it and eats a tornado Eat Defeat for the loss - so Gail returns.
Jeff Hardy is painted like a referee shirt, and looks like a fool. EY is out to face Angle, who eats a piledriver and they kill time acting like he's hurt. The doctor calls it off, but Angle keeps going and wins with an ankle lock despite the match being called off. Well that was really stupid. Main event is up and EC3 gets a black and white video effect for his intro that looks cool. Drew gets the Krunch on EC3 ON THE STEPS. EC3 gets a chair and tells Jeff to hit Matt - why would he company? HE FIRED JEFF! Jeff Twists EC3, while Drew takes a great bump for a Matt Twist and...then Matt just wins thanks to excessive cheating. Matt holds the title Khali and DDP-style upside-down. Matt and Reby celebrate with their son. LOL Big John takes a bump for EC3 backstage. Hardys keep celebrating with their dad while Josh talks about Big John. Josh says they "couldn't have written it any better" tonight. Oh fuck off.

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