Saturday, October 3, 2015

WWE Live From Madison Square Garden - Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show

The show starts off with a recap of the major matches on the card. Sheamus is out first to face someone. Or rather, team with someone. JBL is out with Byron and Rich Brennan. Sheamus is teaming with Rusev, probably against Dolph and maybe Orton. Can't think of who Sheamus has been feuding with. WWE-Komen plug, and they've now added that to the Live bug. Dolph's out with a new DZ shirt and black, pink, and white vest. Yup - it's Orton. Amusing bit where Dolph turns Orton into a four-armed "put up your dukes" dude. Not much to the match - Dolph ate a ton of offense and got a hot tag to Orton, who won by beating Sheamus with an RKO. Great bit with Rusev insulting YOU STUPID NON-AMERICAN. YOU ARE SO USELESS MORE THAN LANA! He pie-faces Sheamus and eats a Brogue. So then they both look bad. Great way to solve that whole "roster full of un-over mid-carders" problem.
Raw recap with Kane and Seth. Corporate Kane is on crutches backstage, and says his leg feels great - but it's just so gosh-darned hard to get around on crutches. He's here for SETH he can see him win the US Title and take him away from MSG. Kane assured Seth that if he sees this "demon", he'll come running - well hobbling. Wacky Kane is so great. Stardust is out to sadly not fuck off forever. He's out to face Neville, so....yay... Great pose from Stardust on the stage though.
Crowd is deathly quiet during everything they do. This chinlock is not helping matters. Stardust puts Neville's cape on, but he just eats a superkick and a Red Arrow. Heyman promo backstage with Renee. Heyman, who owes his career to lying and cheating his way into this building some 40 years ago, cuts a great promo praising MSG. Hype video for WWE 24: NXT after Raw - the This Week preview was excellent. Raw recap for the divas. Team Bella is out to maybe face PCB. OH MY GOD, IT'S ACTUALLY TEAM PCB. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE TEAMING!?

Right when the match starts, they turn the crowd lights out. It's somewhat TNA-ish. Paige gets a blind tag off the triple legdrops from Becky, but Becky comes back in to play Ricky Morton. Weird bit where Brie throws her down awkwardly for the Brie Mode knee for 2. Perfect necksnap by Nikki to Lynch leads to a forearm to Charlotte, who gets tagged in and chops way. Spear to Nikki. Paige blind tags in, but she gets blindsided. Brie's holey pants are A-okay. Alicia gets a Northern Lights for 2. Awkward Irish whip from Fox into a sorta-back elbow by Nikki for 2. Paige goes for a tag, but her teammates double-down on her. So Paige loses a 5-on-1 match - doesn't that kind of maker her sympathetic? Paige is quite shocked at her teammates and she would NEVER EVER do that. There's this one kid who is yelling back at her and it's great.
WWE-Komen ad is now about how WWE stands for a lot of wacky PR terms with WWE. Roman-Bray video leads to...Owens-Jericho! Odd that they didn't hype this up much at all on TV. JBL says that Jericho has been voted the best IC Champion ever. Where and by whom? JBL puts over "Ted Irwin", or Irvine. "Welcome to Madison Square Garden is Jericho" Well that just sounds awkward. He also mentions that tonight is his 25th anniversary in the ring. He had his first match in the Moose Hall with Canada. Lance and DON CALLIS are here too! YES! He thanks his friends and fans, and boy would this be a feel-good story if he won tonight.

They put over Owens being in NYC before in the Hammerstein and now he's arrived at MSG. Jericho sends him to the floor, but eats a punt getting in for 2. Owens takes him to chinlock city. Owens out Dad-bods him with a lariat for 2. Pop-up powerbomb is countered into a Codebreaker, which is countered into the cradle sideslam. Lionsault is met with knees and the cannonball hits. Swanton is met with knees! Walls of Jericho is locked in, but Owens gets the ropes. Codebreaker hits, but only gets 2.5 since Owens grabs the ropes. SUPERKICK PARTY TO JERICHO! Owens cheats to win with a cradle after an eye rake. If they'd told this same exact story on a PPV show, they'd have fully rebuilt Owens in one night.

Awesome hype video for Dudleys-New Day. New Day mocks the Dudleys for Bubba pushing Devon for no reason, the wassup bit, wearing glasses with no lenses - THAT'S BOOTY! Then they SHAME them! Devon outwrestles Kofi to the mat. After about 5 minutes of good-ish, but forgettable stuff - we get a 3D. Woods comes in for a DQ. Great bit where Woods plays "Taps", but eats a 3D through a table! Well, that was underwhelming as a whole - but had a fun ending. Jon Stewart is shown officially, and we get a Show-Lesnar graphic.
Show comes out and then Brock's out with white powder all over his shorts. JBL puts over Brock winning in his "first match in the IWGP". Show has a giant brace on his left knee. Brock goes for lariats and takedowns and gets TOSSED OVER THE TOP! Perfect - they had to give Show credibility and did it. A big suplex city chant breaks out and we see a Fuck Fear shirt - amazing that shirt ever made TV then. Show's corner shot misses, but lets Brock gets some shoulder blocks. BROCK EATS A CHAIN OF CHOKESLAMS FOR 2!

This is gonna be short, but sweet. Brock ducks the punch and gets a German! Second! THIRD GERMAN! Brock loses him on the F5. FOURTH GERMAN! F5 HITS AND WINS! This was just perfect. Brock's not done though - OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY and a second F5. Brock had better be sharing a lot of his check with Show, because Show used up a lot of his bump card tonight. Big Show struggled to get up, but really came off a bit like a character babyface here. Eden gave Show a nice send-off here.
Seth vs. Cena is up. Seth comes out to cheers. John comes out and gives Jon Stewart's son a gift - well in storyline, that's odd. Super bulldog gets 2 for John. Electric chair gets 2. Nice pop-up flip into a kick by Seth for 2. Seth dives, but gets locked into the STF. Seth gets the superplex into the Falcon Arrow for 2.5! They fight on top of the cage, and Cena gets 2 off a tornado DDT. Seth gets a cage bonk, but Cena grabs him for an AA that is flipped out of - leading to a pair of superkicks for 2. STF is locked on, but Seth escapes. AA attempt is countered by a Chyna-style low blow. Seth climbs, but Kane's theme hits. Seth wants to jump down, but Kane's there. Seth misses a high fly flow off the top and just pops up and eats an AA. Well, he'll regret that down the line - a cage dive was just a footnote to this Kane feud. Seth is out of it, so Kane comes in and closes the cage door. Seth eats a chokeslam. What a geek. Tombstone. Uber-geek.

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