Wednesday, October 14, 2015

NXT 10-14-15

Excellent Takeover Respect recap. They got some great angles of the Dusty intros, and the iron woman match came off as special - but they didn't tell the epic story well. YAY IT'S BAYLEY! Bayley is just so much fun now. Can time just stand still so she won't be destroyed in every fashion on the main roster? Bayley says that they started a new level of the divas revolution...oh God just them using that term in NXT hurts the NXT women's division. BOOM CHICA WUB WUB IT'S ALEXA! She says she was in awe of Bayley and no one deserves to be champ more than her. Alexa steals the belt and has her goons to hide behind. She mocks Bayley for writing letters to herself. Blake and Murphy as her cuckolds is fantastic.

 After Takeover, Joe and Balor chat but they're interrupted by Regal. Joe says he wants a shot at the title and he's undefeated. Finn says he's a fighting champion, and the match is made. Regal says it's not quite that easy. Regal makes a battle royal, and the winner faces Finn. Tye's hair isn't a perfect 10. Vaudevillains are out and Corey does not want to dance to their music. They're facing Dawkins and Fulton. They dominate in the corner with some nice strikes. Whirling Dirvish wins - short, but fun match. Devin asks the Mechanics if they're impressed by the Vaudevillains. They say that since they beat the champs in the Dusty classic, they should be champs - but they've got to go through Enzo and Cass. Okay Dana-Asuka video - didn't really capture the greatness of Asuka though. THEN WE GOT THE ASUKA GREETS EMMA VIDEO!

 A New Zealander named Evie is out to face Nia Jax. Very un-diva physique and unflattering gear. Wacky jumping bearhug from Jax. Jax wins with a one armed head-spiking uranage. I get more of a Tapa vibe from her than Kong. Eva Marie is on vacay in Paris. Everyone but Rhino and Joe gets a jobber intro for the battle royal. Ciampa and Garano are here too! Abandon ship battle royal. Tons of eliminations after a break. Rhyno eliminates Bull. I DEMAND RHYNO VS. BULL! More fun stuff with Joe and Breeze. Poor Tyler is taken out by Joe to boos. Tyler eliminates Joe despite him being already out of this. Baron and Crews are up. Crews rolls back in and sad tummy gets even sadder. Standing moonsault is met with knees. THREE ENZUIGURIS TAKE HIM DOWN AND A LARIAT SENDS HIM OUT TO THE FLOOR! Fun - nothing really to see though.

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