Monday, October 19, 2015

WWE Raw 10-19-15

We've got the go-home show for Hell in a Cell - a show that sure feels like just another show even with them honest to God giving away a main event for what should theoretically be the biggest WrestleMania of all time. Corporate Kane has been suspended, BUT HAS DEMON KANE!? I bet we'll find out 2 hours and 59 minutes into the show. RAW IS AUSTIN AND HE'S HERE TO START THE SHOW! Austin-Taker on-air one last time. BOY THANK GOD THEY BUILT THIS UP! God, Byron can't even fake excitement for THE UNDERTAKER AND STEVE AUSTIN IN THE RING TOGETHER.

They had one last Taker-Austin bit handed to them via their own writing, and Austin is just gone. Ugh. Taker promised to take Brock to Hell. Heyman says that Taker will have to lift with the fact that BROCK TOOK EVERYTHING AWAY FROM HIM! This great thing has already become "They talked and talked and talked and talked" Brock walked down and then...left. Taker's hat left a red mark on his head. Well...I'm already tired at it's 8:15.


This is followed up by Cena and the Dudleys against THE NEW DAY. They have a pretty standard match that New Day wins after Cena hits a pescado and Devon gets schoolboyed for a loss. Cena's a sore loser and hits an AA, while the Dudleys and Cena do a triple superbomb through a table on Woods. Orton is apparently off the Mexico tour and off the PPV too. JBL says HIS SOURCES say that the Wyatts took Orton out. Next, Renee will talk to the "vudical fringe". Okay then.

Dean wants the Wyatts tonight. Nikki and Alicia are out for a tag match. YES A STAR! And Naomi and Tamina. Apparently, the Bellas have been trying to drive a wedge between Naomi and Sasha. When, and why should I care? Why are Naomi and Sasha friends? What do they have in common? Why did Alicia just stop mid-ring and turn around? Yikes. Nikki dominates Naomi by...rubbing her ass into Naomi's back as she's against the ropes. Nice of Alicia to throw herself in front of Nikki's head for no reason there for a head bonk off an O'Connor roll. Nikki wins with a Rack Attack. Recap of Kane-Seth stuff from last week.

Komen video package. HBK is out for reasons that I'm sure will be explained soon. HBK eats some fan's food for some reason. Okay, he ate a kid's pizza - and it's lodged in his throat. He's been to Hell - and he was in a cell too. HBK says that due to concussions, he can't remember the cell with Taker. Hoping we get some Bray and HBK interaction. Shame it would likely result in HBK superkicking Bray. Seth's out. HBK's here to endorse the modern-day "guy with the belt" WWE Champion Seth Rollins. Seth vs. HBK would be great. Ya know, Seth's booking does bring validity to HBK being a dickhead and not doing jobs when he got on the top of the cards. And then HBK told him that he got where he was by NOT being the second coming of anyone, burying Seth, saying that Seth faces Ryback...and we didn't even get a superkick. Sucked, but it was amusing.

Now in this battle between IC Title contender and THE WWE CHAMPION, I'm honestly not sure who will win. Seth eats a big backdrop from a man in a giant pink and white singlet. I guess Ryback can't decide which Kirby color he likes more - pink, or the original US box art white. SETH GETS THE PEDIGREE AND WINS! THE ISOTOPES WIN A GAME! THE ISOTOPES WIN A GAME! 

Recap of Taker stuff. SD recap with Dolph turning Summer down. Foolish Summer - thinking an angle would progress on SmackDown. Dolph's teaming with Cesaro, who he does a glorious pose with. Oh and Neville too. We come back and his theme is still playing. Christ, imagine having to suffer through Neville's theme through an entire ad break. Barrett's out. Then Rusev. Everyone just hits some moves for a break. Rusev dominates him by stomping on his head after the break. CESARO BUSTS OUT A FLIP TO THE APRON TO COUNTER SHEAMUS! Sheamus his the Brogue to Dolph as he's draped on the apron and BARRETT WINS. So that built up nothing on the PPV then. Flair and HBK exchange some words.

Miz TV will have Summer and Dolph. YAY FLAIR'S OUT! WWE UBERVERSE! Flair puts Roman over as HIS MAIN MAN who will team with Dean! Wyatts are out. Oh, and Rowan's back too. He'd better answer the call or else...the fans will stop holding their phone lights up in tribute to him? "ROMAN, I AM YOUR FATTHERRRR!" Ha - great bit from a fan. "YOU SHOULD BE VERY FRAID OF ME!" And then they brawl.

HBK, HHH, and Seth chat for a bit. Steph is there too. Charlotte beats Brie in a match. Paige hypes up PAST DIVAS possibly being the ones who attacked Nattie. A Sally Jessy Raphael reference in 2015?! YES! OWENS VS. HENRY! SOMETHING NEW! Super-fun match with clubbering and A POP-UP POWERBOMB! Ryback and Henry then double-team and attack Owens, who eats a Ryback powerbomb. What bullies. Henry in a feud with Owens has some real potential - they had great chemistry there.

Brock-Taker hype. It's really hit me tonight that they are giving away the BIGGEST WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT IN HISTORY this Sunday and boy do I not care as much as I want to about it. BIG DAWG MAIN EVENT TAG MATCH TIME. Seth is teaming with them, so yes, IT'S A SHIELD REUNION ON RAW WITH NO BUILD. YES! ROMAN VS. ROWAN - the match the world has been waiting for. Seth charges into Bray in the corner.

Dean slams into Braun and Braun bowls him down. HE RAN INTO A WALL, BROTHERS! Great bit with Seth clapping "TAG/ME/IN!" and then dropping down. Superman punch hits Rowan, and man should that be his finish. Head and arm choke is on, but Dean attacks with a kendo stick for a DQ. Strowman catches Dean on a dive. Why does Roman's dive look like he's swimming in mid-air? Roman kicked tons of ass to close the show - so is he losing or do they want to keep this momentum rolling with a win?

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