Wednesday, October 28, 2015

WWE NXT 10-28-15

 Before NXT, they show an ad for Table For 3 and KOFI DESTROYING ORTON'S CAR. Mechanics face Jersey dudes for a tag title shot, and the main event features Joe against Breeze. God, I can't wait to get Joe in 2K16. Emma's ass came down to ringside for a match against Shazza. We get an Aussie, Aussie, Aussie/OY OY OY chant! EMMA LOCK CURBSTOMP and the Emma Lock win this. James Storm recap video leads to his post-match promo - Serg's theme was really perfect for him because he just recites it here. Ciampa and Gargano face Cable and Jordan next!
FINN BALOR IS AMAZING video package. I need to play as him in 2K16 ASAP. God, it's scary how much Jordan resembles early Angle here. Really fun matwork to start from the Shoot Nation leads to Gargano getting an edge before an ad break. God, this is such a fast-paced match - it's like slower Bucks match, but non-stop stuff in some ways. Double team back/German suplex combo wins it for the Shoot Nation! Nia Jax kills Kay Lee Ray with a big spinebuster and legdrop. Mechanics jump Team Sawft during their goofy intro! SMART HEELS! They take Cass's knee out.

Alexa says that she went to Regal and got him to agree to a match with her and "her boys" against Bayley and "two losers". So fun. Joe vs. Breeze is next. BUT FIRST, Apollo Crews recap video.

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