Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NXT 11-18-15

Tonight, we've got Bayley vs. Alexa in the main event! Carmella comes out and she's apparently a face despite being so cocky. Nia Jax isn't like most girls - and she's facing Carmella. Basic '80s big guy vs. jobber match. Nia gets a long bearhug. Nia misses the sunset flip butt splash attempt and Carmella gets some dropkicks and a quick chant. Nia picks her up off a rana and spinebusters her and wins with the legdrop. Alexa is GOING TO DESTROY DREAMS! YES!
Ascension vs. Gable and Jordan is up. Ascension's out and they're hugely over, while Gable and Jordan have new wacky singlets! Great amateur-style stuff from Jordan here to send Chunky into the corner. DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX gets 2. YAH beatdown in the corner to Gable. Gable saves Jordan and does a flip dive to Konnor. Double pop-up German gets the win! Bayley vs. Alexa recap video - Izzy is wonderful. Speaking of wonderful, Emma is out to beat up some black and gold-clad jobber named Mary Kate. Corey ponders where Ashley is. Emma squashes her and holds the Lock on past the bell.
Crews-Balor recap led to a recap of Baron and Crews' brawl last week. Dash and Dawson are in action next. Mechanics vs. the Job-Rs. These are seriously jobberiffic mofos. Vaudvillians face the  Mechanics next week for the titles. 3D Codebreaker wins off a hot tag - I liked that. Even if you think you have momentum against them, you're doomed. ASUKA'S SCARY MASK STARTS A PROMO! Dana interrupts her and she's TIRED OF HAVING HER HEAD PATTED BY ASUKA. She wants a rematch! YES! And she responds yes in the scariest way ever. NXT Takeover UK card is recapped and Joe cuts a promo saying the title is his.
Alexa has a new dubstep version of her old theme and is PISSED AT IZZY. Bayley has such a special connection with the crowd - and what she has going with Izzy is just one example of it. I hope that she goes up when HHH takes over, because Vince is just not going to get any part of this act. Alexa is pissed at the "hey, we want some BAY-LEY!" chants.

Alexa eats some stomps in the corner, but lands some of her own and SURFS ON BAYLEY'S BACK! VINTAGE Nikki forearm shot by Alexa, but Bayley snapmares her and hits a sliding D. Kneedrop gets 2. They fight to the floor and Bayley gives Alexa a massive wedgie, but Bayley is sent into the apron LED so Alexa gets the edge. Face stomps on the apron lead to a break.

Alexa and Bayley trade armbars and Alexa gets 2. Bayley gets some running axehandles, but eats a BIG SLAP and a double knee moonsault for 2! Alexa goes up for the splash, but Bayley meets her, pulls her off and gets 2. Alexa gets a sunset flip for 2. Bayley to belly wins! THEN THE RED QUEEN OF NXT COMES OUT! "The star of Total Divas" cuts a promo on her. I think the Paris trip was kayfabe for her getting her tits done. Holy Jesus. Eva can't even get words out before she gets drowned out...and buries the crowd for being a "bunch of little dorks!" Eva vs. Bayley is apparently on tap for next week.

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