Monday, November 9, 2015

WWE Raw 11-9-15

HHH comes out and says that Seth exceeded all expectations, and Seth gets a big chant. Odd to not bury him for being durable when that would set up Seth-HHH. HHH calls him being a champ ON THE WAY TO BEING ONE OF THE GREATEST WWE CHAMPIONS OF ALL TIME. HHH brings out Roman while Cole talks about Roman coming out being interesting because it's an interesting development. JBL's "as the old saying goes, chaos creates ladders" was baffling. HHH tells Roman he can basically sell out and become champ tonight, or he can fight in the tourney and re-earn it. HHH asks for Roman to be his man...okay then. HHH also wants him to be a "reality man". "All you have to do is be my man!"  So is Seth's dick pic what got HHH to see him as "the future"? Roman tells HHH to shove it and HHH thanks him for reminding him why he didn't choose him - and after 15 minutes, we're back where we started. BIG SHOW VS ROMAN!

Show dominates with punches in the corner. After seemingly eons of nothing really happening, Roman gets the drive by, but Show catches the Superman punch and chokeslams him for 2. Roman kicks out, gets the punch, the spear, and wins. We get brackets for this tournament - STARDUST, Tyler, and Kalisto COULD be WWE Champion via this deal. Much like TNA, shouldn't the idea be that everyone in the tourney is credible enough to be champion?

"Thanks for cutting my music - if you want to hear it, you can buy it iTunes and put some extra change in my pockets. And yes, I have pockets in my wrestling gear because I can!" He then buried the royal family and was generally amazing. He also has a new shirt! Titus tosses him around for a bit, but eats the powerbomb and loses. Owens celebrates with his title and JBL's hat - Owens rules! Paige calls Becky the B in PCB and says she'll beat the C in PCB at the PPV. We see Taker beat Sid at WM 13 and Kane beating Rey at MITB 2010.

Recap of Paige attacking her former teammates two weeks ago with them acting like it was the first time and not the 900th. Rope-based forearm flurry after they do the inside-out and back in tie-up spot. Crowd's dead for everything even in Paige's homeland. Big knee from Paige gets 1. Superkick gets 1.  Rampaige gets 2. Paige tries to win via tights pulling and gets 2, while Becky does it and wins. Cole is IMMEDIATELY okay with this and then Paige beats her up. Paige gets the PTO on the announce table. Why would the PTO hurt more on the table than in the ring? It's Undertaker week on the Network, complete with a show talking about how great he is.


Miz vs. Dolph is up. BOTH OF THESE MEN ARE FORMER WORLD CHAMPIONS. So is Dolph's character a CAW from a wrestling game or something? Why does he randomly have a headband on now? They do moves. Fans don't care. Miz gets the figure four and the fans get behind Dolph for a bit. Superkick wins for Dolph. Recap of Alberto beating Cena for the US Title. Alberto seems to gain five pounds of muscle each week. Alberto has found Vitor's heavenly supplements. Alberto is against haters. Boy if I was AAA, I'd be pissed about not only losing him, but losing him to THIS shit.  Zeb says that Alberto is going to run the table and we get a VIVA MEXAMERICA from Alberto. Team Bad dances and Nattie is facing Tamina for reasons. Nope - Naomi. Naomi gets an edge thanks to Sasha posting Nattie. So now Team BAD are heels, right? Why would Naomi just jump and put her ass in the air if Nattie wasn't running towards it? Anyway, she gets bonked into Sasha and loses. This sucked. Summerslam 2008 clips with Taker vs. Edge. I should really watch that in HD on the Network. Kane preventing the Edge-Lita wedding is shown!

Sheamus and Barrett are out and Barrett will be on ESPN. Cesaro's out to face Sheamus. During the break, Barrett buries Wayne Rooney. They talk and talk about guys "running the table", which I guess is a new WWE term. Cesaro sends him to the floor with a big uppercut. Cesaro flips out of an Irish Curse and gets the waterslide! Cesaro looks better with the shaved goatee. Suplex to suplex to over the top suplex! Leaping uppercut is turned into the Kruch for 2. Cesaro counters the Brogue into the sharpshooter! That got the crowd super-hot, so of course it's just a transition spot and Sheamus immediately makes it to the ropes. Wouldn't want to elevate anyone. Barrett distracts Cesaro, who eats a rabbit lariat. Rooney slaps Barrett and he bumps! WACKY LUCHA CRADLE FOR THE WIN! Brackets are up again - Owens vs. Reigns seems like it'll be at Survivor Series for the title. Dean vs. Breeze is next.

Dean comes out and we get Tyler and Summer burying his getup. Supermodel kick gets 2. "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU MESS WITH DOLPH ZIGGLA!" This kid rules!  Dean gave Tyler a ton, but a small package gives Dean the win. End of an Era HHH vs. Taker match is shown in clips. Ditto Kane taking out 9 people in the '01 Rumble. RYBACK VS. KALISTO!? BARRETT VS. NEVILLE?! Don't blow all the big matches on SD now guys. NEW DAY IS OUT! A motherloving Spice Girls reference from JBL in 2015. Greatness from New Day on the mic and they're facing Neville and the Usos. JBL calls them the Gleebirds! Usos with hunter camo under their bright blue shorts looks odd. Crazy corkscrew moonsault off the top to the floor from Neville to the pile. Big high kick sends Woods down, but E crotches him and Woods CHEATS TO WIN!

Main event talking with Bray. The crowd sings "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" since the spring of 2014 was his peak. The Taker-Kane video airs again but now the powers activate without Bray doing it. Kane and Taker RETURN FROM DEATH. AGAIN! I like the blue lighting giving Taker an almost X ray effect here. Funny how WWE does an excellent job building to a Bray vs. Taker WM match in the same year, but after actually doing a Bray-Taker match. Bray uses his powers to make the Family appear. Bros beat up everyone - so why have the PPV match then?

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