Wednesday, November 25, 2015

NXT 11-25-15

Cole is here to be "in charge of this episode of NXT" because it's just a TV show. Cole says that while Regal didn't want Eva Marie vs. Bayley, "corporate" overruled Regal because everyone has a boss. Yup, that's what you need to do to the one authority figure that can be taken seriously - cut his balls off. Joe vs. Balor is the main event of the next Takeover, and Balor's out to sign the contract. One big downside to this not being on demand is I can't skip through the filler. Cole says that he WAS going to introduce Joe first, so he does, and calls him one of history's most acclaimed-international superstars. Joe comes in, signs the contract, and just leaves - ha! Joe jumps him and a brawl erupts. Joe chokes him out and the crowd chants "JOE JOE JOE!". Well, one guy is a giant ass-kicker, and the other is a little dork who plays with LEGOs.

After a break, we...see what we just saw. Asuka vs. Dana is up later, and the Vaudevillains are out to face the Mechanics in their tag title rematch. This really is quite a loaded show. Gotch gets some nice uppercuts, while English lands some Japanese armdrags. Aiden's arm is worked on for an ad break. Gotch gets 2 off a sunset flip. Smashing Machine kills English. Wow. Near squash-levels there for the former champs. Enzo and Cass returned pissed off and beat them down a bit in the ring. Tom Phillips meets with Eva Marie in Regal's office. Eva has turned it into her dressing room! LOL at Eva turning the British badass's office into her girly dressing room. She calls Bayley "a swell girl" AND SHE'S GOT TONS OF GIFTS EVERYWHERE. And Nia Jax!

Asuka-Dana recap. Wacky soulful country song is sung by a bearded guy who isn't identified. okay then. ASUKA IS HERE! Dana yammers on in a pretty hot outfit. Her cleavage is on point. Emma jumps her, but regrets it. The numbers game wins for the heels though. Emma lock, alongside Dana's thong being revealed. Bayley says she's a WRESTLER and that's why she'll beat Eva. SAMI ZAYN HYPE VIDEO! He'll be some point. Crews is out to face Jesse Sorenson. Graves says "where else would he be!?" and Byron says he trained with the Dudleys.So Jesse's got a bad neck and a giant knee brace...I don't like his chances of getting a bigger role on NXT. 21 second delayed suplex gets 2. Crews squashed him with a wacky powerbomb. Baron vs. Crews is made for Takeover.

Charles Robinson comes down to a "Little Naitch" chant! Corporate has sent him down to make sure there's no controversy. I don't sense that going well - should be fun to watch. Eva arrives with Nia. Byron says the fix is in and we get a hilarious like about him being anti-shareholder. Bayley's new black and blue gear is fantastic. "This young referee, whatever his name is" literally looks like a CAW ref from a video game. EVA ROCKS OUT AFTER GAINING A MINOR ADVANTAGE! Tremendous. BELLY TO BAYLEY but Nia pulls the ref out! Eva gets a schoolgirl, but Charles only counts 2. Charles looks at the ref being taken out and Nia gets a headbutt for 2. Bayley clotheslines Eva down. Sliced Red gets 2! Robinson goes down! Nia pulls Bayley to the floor, but Bayley takes her down. SUPER BAYLEY TO BELLY GETS THE WIN! Nia lays her out to close the show.

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  1. Do you have the match card screenshot of bayley vs Eva Marie

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