Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WWE NXT 11-11-15

I love having NXT in the on demand section about 20 minutes before the show goes "live". Crews's rise to the title shot is recapped. Corbin's beatdown and then the Joe turn are shown. Byron's deadpan "will someone please tell me what's going on?" like a robot that has heard of emotion, but isn't sure what it is, amused me. Tye Dillinger is out for the opener. Tye's Perfect 10 baseball shirt rules. He's facing Baron McWolfiecycle. Baron stands mid-ring and gets jumped by Crews. Apollo's ground and pound looks awful.

Bayley's out and IZZY'S GOT A CHAMP IS HERE SIGN! The fans have somehow turned "Pop That Pussy" into a kid-friendly chant for Bayley. Basic back and forth headlock stuff with a bit of cheating at times. Bayley gets the upper-hand and Alexa tags out. Some amazing booty shots of Alexa during all this.

Corey is burying the babyfaces gloriously throughout this, saying that Slimer is on the loose so you've gotta call the Ghostbusters. Alexa grabs the women's title and leaves. Bayley prevents cheating and BAYLEY TO BELLY'S TO MURPHY! Hype Ryder wins! Awful Ascension Warriors promo. Poorly-miced backstage bit with Nia Jax and Eva. Nia's in action. Nia's going to face a chick dressed like an Italian flag with a Ferrari-style logo on her gear. Nia Jax destroys Italian Jobber. Tag title match is up next - so the Joe explanation deal will be the final segment. Bayley gets her belt back, but Alexa goes to steal it only to be stopped by Nia so she can grab it and stare at it.

Heels are out first, followed by the champs and their MANLY POSING. Lots of basic arm and leg work here. Dash gets a nice slingshot snap suplex for 2 on Aiden. Trailer hitch or whatever it's called (Noble's old finisher) won the match. Bayley vs. Bliss happens next week. Joe came out and said that you're made by your words and the actions behind them. Joe said that he carried the team with Balor and wanted one thing - a title shot. Balor walks down with purpose. They fight for a bit and Joe cheapshots him to get the choke.

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