Wednesday, November 4, 2015

NXT 11-4-15

The opening video package focuses on Apollo Crews and his rise to the title shot. ASUKA THE BRINGER OF DOOM IS OUT! Asuka is over like crazy. Amazing how it didn't take WWE 8 years to make this star. Cameron's ass is out to face Asuka. "Asuka's gonna kill you" chant rings through. Well, they're truthful. Asuka gets the armbar and Cameron gets the ropes. Cameron gets a split and does a kick - which seems like it would do less damage with the kick. "Cam-ron sucks" chant leads to a snap suplex and 2 for Cameron. Asuka mocks Cameron, who screeches. HIP ATTACK to Cameron. Asuka kills her with kicks and palm strikes! Asuka lands THREE SPINNING BACKFISTS and then a spinkick! Asuka drags her around, gets the Asuka Lock and the win!

Carmella gives a medical update on the goons and gets mocked by the Mechanics, who are called George Costanza by her. Dawson and Dash offer up a single wheelchair for the Vaudevillians - what jerks! Making two people share a wheelchair. Meanies. YAY IT'S JORDAN AND GABLE! Hilarious bit where Gable calls them the World's Greatest Tag Team and Jordan tells him to not do that. Bull's out and according to Corey, he's on an all-carb diet. Bull's facing Dawkins. Bull wins and Dawkins's partner whose name escapes me leaves him. Vaudevillains aren't amused by the wheelchair. Crews is in the back and stares at the NXT Title.


Bayley brings in the Hype Bros as her partners tonight. Mojo is dressed like 1992 for Halloween. Eva Marie is out in white and red gear looking amazing in her red and black robe. Eva faces some girl from Jersey who has Jersey on her jersey and delivers a sitout hiptoss for 2. Eva gets a big boot to Cute Blonde in Leather Booty Shorts and nails a flatliner for the win. Crews is out to face Finn, whose Balor Club intro remains impressive. Izzy is gobsmacked by Finn.

They trade basic stuff for an indy standoff. After a break, an Irish whip shove-off leads to a big Crews dropkick. Crews with a Lashley-like delayed suplex, but with charisma!  Big basement dropkick by Finn gets 2. Balor sends him outside and gets a flip dive! After a break, Finn chops the daylights out of him in the corner. Finn avoids a press slam, but eats a big high kick, and then gets a Slingblade. DIVING HART ATTACK BY CREWS! PRESS SLAM AND MOONSAULT GET 2! Shotgun dropkick hits for Finn! Crews avoids the double stomp, but eats a Pele kick! DAMN YOU BARON VON WOLFIE! He interferes and causes a double DQ/draw. The worst part about this beatdown is Baron's offense. Joe comes down and saves Finn... and then kicks Finn's ass too. This show is such an easy, and fun watch.

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