Friday, June 24, 2016

Kimbo Slice: One of a Kind

We hear Kimbo talk about respect - respecting yourself and everyone around you. We see various news reports on his passing. His manager says he was in the hospital on Friday, and not Monday. That was when he found out that he needed a heart transplant and his brother Deven, who was in the hospital says that he was in so much pain he just wanted it to end for him. His manager gets a call from Kimbo's wife on Monday at 5 PM saying that he's stopped breathing. Baby Slice talks about his dad sleeping in his car and Bellator's machmaker talks about how Kimbo went from nothing to the top of the sport. Dana White talks about how he'd never seen anything like Kimbo before.

"He had his heart, his balls, and a hell of a punch!" Coker talks about Kimbo being the biggest star and someone says Kimbo should be in the Mt. Rushmore of MMA. We see Goldberg's video tribute to Kimbo and Hogan's tweet. Kimbo "in his own words" is next. Kimbo says he wasn't bullied, but he hated bullies and beat up a bully in the 6th grade.

Kimbo talks about growing up in Pine Crest and you could see a body next to the dumpster taking the trash out. He had a killer instinct, but had to be respectful because he had his family. No matter what he did, he had to come back to his family and look at them. Kimbo vs. Mercer was set up, but no one wanted to sanction - but he still won. He loved going back to the projects and meeting his friends for a BBQ. Kimbo's rise to stardom is up next.

Kimbo talks about how fights start out over beef. Chou talks about him crossing over to Nickelodeon and we get fan footage of his first CBS fight. Well, that's one way to get around UFC owning the footage. Kimbo vs. Ken is showcased - first with Bellator clips and then the CBS fight. "Listen here Shitrock, keep eatin' your Wheaties - ain't gonna help ya!" Ha! Big John talks about the takedown and Kimbo thinking about tapping during the choke. Big John talks about the big right being like a sledgehammer, and Kimbo fighting after he could've quit.


Kimbo's manager says after the Ken fight, he and Ken got along. We get post-fight stuff in the medical area with Kimbo saying he was in that choke deep, and he remembers - but he got out. Jimmy Smith says the link from the streets to MMA died with Kimbo. Rampage, Ken, Royce, Kurt Angle, and Rashad talk about Kimbo briefly.

 We see some amusing behind the scenes footage of Kimbo's mic falling off and dancing during a photoshoot. ATT trainer talks about Kimbo getting a small cut and being a big baby about it. The Kimbo-Dada presser is covered. Kimbo makes wacky faces and we see Dana talking about meeting Kimbo for the first time. His manager talks about knowing him from high school and we get more Tweets about him.

Kimbo talks about his son Kevlar being his best Christmas gift. We see a day in the life of Kimbo and see his whole family. Kimbo says that when he was in his '30s, he thought like a 20 year old. At 40, he was where he wanted to be physically and mentally. Kimbo says he wants his kids to be better than he was and we learn that his son Kevlar has autism. We see his son train with a heavy bag, and it's really adorable to see how Kimbo looks after him here.


At Dave and Busters, Kimbo plays some games with his kids and spend time with his grandson. Mick sends a video wish to Kimbo and Mick talks about bonding with Kimbo over them both being the parents of autistic kids. Kimbo talks about taking care of his family by fighting. Scott compared Kimbo to Elvis Presley and Bruce Lee. Kevin Connolly is the least-comfortable person saying ANYTHING in this and it's so awkward. Dana talks about feeling sorry for the family and respecting him. Baby Slice says he'll miss his dad and Big John commends him for being honest. "I believe we live on in the memories of those who remember us." is touching and true. His brother says he'll carry his legacy and he'll see him one day.

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