Monday, June 20, 2016

WWE Raw 6-20-16

Dean Ambrose arrives to the building in a cab, and actually pays his fare this time. He forgets the belt, gets it back, and comes into the building. Dean gets a huge pop and "you deserve it" chant. Dean says Seth was the Man, Roman was The Guy, so that makes him The Dude - and you can call him what you want, he's THE CHAMPION. Roman comes out and gets booed. God, just make him a heel - you can make him a character heel by having him be one that justifies the behavior because he was hurt by the people because he sacrificed for his family.

"All the dudes saying I can't wrestle, just relax, take a sip of your beer and shut up!" Wow the butthurt. Shane comes out and makes Roman vs. Seth.  They talk about the draft. "Byron, YOU COULD BE DRAFTED TO ECW!" Paige faces Charlotte tonight for the title, while Sami vs. Owens!?  They fight for a bit mid-ring, then it spills into the crowd. KO dominates before the break. Sami wins with a fluke cradle. That certainly was a match. KO kicks his ass afterwards. Owens goes for a powerbomb of the stage, but gets double-legged and pounded on. No. 1 contender matches have now been made SO MUCH EASIER TO DESCRIBE as a Winner Faces Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Title match.

Big Johnny comes out and Shane sends him and his bright red suit away. Shame! Enzo and Cass get the rub from Shane by him dancing with them, and then they beat the Vaudevillains in no time flat. Baron beats Ryder, who gets some offense including a nice flying elbow. WWE China recap.

AJ cuts a promo on Cena and says he dreamed of beating Cena - but not with The Club's help. He demands an apology from them and "gets" it, and we'll get Cena vs. Karl next. Not much to the match, as AJ jumps Cena after an AA. Becky cuts a promo on being turned on by everyone, then gets beaten up by Nattie.


Paige cuts a promo on Charlotte, and then gets mocked by Dana and Charlotte. Big match build on commentary. Dana helps Charlotte and the ref sees it and doesn't DQ Charlotte. Natural Selections ends it. Well, that was a thing. SASHA RETURNS to a reasonable pop. Sasha and Dana fight on the floor and Sasha KOes her, then attacks Charlotte and holds the belt up before she and Paige send the heels packing. Wyatts are next!

Bray gets a "welcome back" chant. Well, I wasn't expecting the Wyatt Family vs. New Day, but...yeah it's fresh at least. They talk about Rowan having a great big booty. Bray puts a spell on Woods. Bray sings "New Day Falls". Backlund and D-Young segment with Backlund telling D-Young to not take advice from anyone - and he doesn't give advice, he gives orders. Bob Backlund appears to be aging in reverse thanks to being on TV.

Lana and Rusev are mid-ring. Titus gets a rematch because...Rusev insulted him in front of his kids? Titus kicks his ass and that's it. This was fun though - Titus worked really stiff and they at least gave a reason to have a rematch and make Titus look like he could win. Miz and Maryse are on the set and he talks about eating with the common folk. And then he berates a PA for not getting them quail for the protein. Glorious.

Shane meets backstage with Jericho, who says he beat Dean two weeks ago on SD. Well, maybe if you didn't job him out constantly, half the roster wouldn't have a valid claim to a title shot. Jericho says that Shane is worse than Steph and then gets shot down and made to look like a fool. Wonderful. Dean comes down to do commentary for the main event.

Seth and Roman have a solid little match here. Great yakuza kick on the floor by Roman to Seth. Roman eats a sleeper though. Sadly, no Roman's sleeping chant. Dean says that Roman's Samoan head will take a few shots to really affect him. Pescado by Seth. BIG DOGGY BOMB gets 2. Seth dives into a Superman punch that hit pretty nicely for 2. Roman eats a boot to counter the spear, but kicks Seth's anyway. Flying knee and the kneeling superkick get 2. High Fly Flow misses! Drive by hits! They fight on the floor a ton and the count's broken before a spear hits Seth on the table. Double countout!

Shane comes out and says they need a number one contender for Battleground. Dean says he'll fight them both in the same night - done! Shane says okay, but it will be a triple threat match. Well, I figured they'd wait until Summerslam - but this works too. Good stuff here. Not an amazing show overall, but this is all well-done. "DEAN AMBROSE PEDIGREE!" or Dirty Deeds, as Roman tries to jump him. Seth goes for Roman, but Dean hits him with it too! Boy, they should've given Dean the belt sooner - or just booked him better for the past two years. Either way, they've done right by Deano for the last 24 hours.

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