Saturday, June 18, 2016

NXT 6-15-16

Takeover recap starts the show. Authors of Pain come down with Paul Ellering, who has aged wonderfully. Corey says their debut MAY HAVE BEEN the biggest event in Takeover history. They have no names, no real act. They're big. They do big guy moves, and they beat jobbers. This isn't cutting it. They have no presence. Almas talks to some girl and Tye comes in, so we get a rematch. TM61 faces BAMF later. Carmella's out to face Tessa Blanchard. Carmella's booty shorts are something else. Flatliner into the Code of Silence ends it. Joe cuts a promo on being the champ. BAMF cuts a nothing promo on TM61 and bickers constantly.
 Amazing gut on Blake, who has cut his goatee into something weird. Murphy's foot gets kicked into Blake, and Blake lariats him when Haste ducks. Big double slam called Thunder Valley ends it. Bayley-Nia recap. Tye vs. Almas is up. I love his blue and white gear - very slick. Ad break after a fakeout. Great dropkicks throughout, but Tye lands a nice one to the gut. Shotgun knees take out Tye. Finn cuts a good promo about NXT, his past here, his present, and the future. He doesn't know what the future holds and then BOOM NAKAMURA! As a theme, I prefer his NJPW one, but damned if the fans chanting alongside this one and singing it as he comes down doesn't put it over the top.

Nakmura is smirking as fans sing his theme and impersonate his mannerisms. Nakamura says that in Japan, he saw Balor become the icon of NXT. Nakamura wants to be that icon, and he'll have to beat Balor to get that title and also earn a title shot. I HAVE TO BEAT....YOU! Loved everything here between the "beat" and the "you". He drew it all out perfectly and they delivered the goods here.

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