Saturday, June 4, 2016

WWE NXT 6-1-16

Revamped show intro features THE DRIFTER! Revival comes out and yammers a bit before Ciampa and Johnny Gargano come out. Dawson comes out and buries them for being generic, undersized guys who think they're special - but they're just good hands. Dawson calls them jamokes. HOW DARE YOU. Everyone brawls and boy does it seem like the Revival is winning the titles to keep this going past tonight's match.

Nakamura says that Aries will bow down to the King of Strong Style, and then he posed a bit.  Glorious. Aries-Drifter happens tonight, and we'll get a Joe-Balor sitdown with Corey later. Tye comes down to face Buddy Murphy. Tye mocks him with the TEN TEN TEN bit and lands some great corner punches before eating a superkick. DVD over the bare knee gets the win.


Sitdown time. Finn looks great in all-black, while Joe looks annoyed in his jeans and t-shirt. Finn puts over being shocked by losing it at a house show. Joe says that he accomplished his goal - and he went through all the hoops that Finn made him go through, like a match with Sami and a battle royal. Joe says he got what belonged to him, and that's what bothers Finn. Joe points out that he backed up Finn in the Dusty classic and he didn't get a shot then, despite doing him a favor. Finn says he went to Joe's wedding, and Joe asks what happened to giving a fair shot to a guy he knows. Joe and Finn talk about their pedigree and Joe says hey, who put you in Japan. "Revisionist history - it's amazing!" Joe was AMAZING here. Finn was okay.

Aries is out to face The Drifter in new gear. It's like his TNA stuff, but shinier with powder blue and purple trim. Quick win here with knees and the chancery. Revival vs. Ciampa and Gargano is up. Pretty solid match overall - nothing amazing though. Love Dawson doing Arn's bit of faking a punch just to hit a DDT - only it's not as smooth, but still a great spot. Superplex, but Johnny holds on and wins with a small package. Yet another sign that the Revival is winning. Post-match beating, but AA saves. Asuka vs. Nia contract signing. Nia talks for a bit and then Asuka speaks intensely and then YELLS A LOT IN JAPANESE before closing with "if you are not scared of me, YOU SHOULD BE!" They brawl and Nia powerbombs her down.

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