Friday, April 5, 2013

SD 4-5-13

I wasn't going to watch this live, but when my HDMI capture card came, I figured this would be the perfect show to try it out on since it's a B-show and a nothing filler-filled ep at that. They did a pretty seamless job melding the taped and live shows together - outside of Josh's voice dramatically increasing in volume for voice over stuff. I liked Ryback doing Rick Steiner's mid-air powerslam counter...albeit not as well as he could. Double spear ruled, and looked better than the 2-man Shellshock.

Loved JBL talking about being buddies with Mayor Bloomberg and Diddy. Love the giant GET WELL SOON sign in the HHH vid. All of the shots of him holding gold when Heyman's YOUR CAREER IS ON THE LINE did not make me want HHH to win. I really dug JBL bringing up a good point - HBK and Flair, HHH's friends, were each retired at WM and that doesn't bode well for HHH. Tremendous vid for Bruno, and I liked them putting his over as the strongest HOF class, with the strongest list of inductors to boot. JBL saying the DON-GO part right as they panned up fandango's crotch was fine comedy.

DDP AND DDP YOGA ARE AT AXXESS! Love JBL's mini-rant on Cole correcting him on Boitano being a figure skater and not a dancer. TREMENDOUS Fandango vid - that should've aired on Raw. Really made him come off like a star, and one with a serious edge to him.  I didn't notice him spinning the mic like a top on Raw, but that was a nice touch. 20 seconds of a Shield vid terribly-edited - ugh.

The new Shield-Random Faces vid ruled. Outstanding recap of their rivalry, and it blows my mind to see a major match at WM, and a hype vid for it, for a match with Jon Moxley and Tyler Black. Tons of Funk are up next, and they've changed Brodus's graphic to make him nearly black. Sandow as Brodus is absolutely amazing. He took a bump for the pyro while eating food. Holy God this is amazing. Bellas+junk in the trunk is amusing. Gail Kim should try that. Tons of Funk came out to interrupt this deal, which was much funnier than it should've been given how low-rent the outfits looked. Tensai is such a better dancer than Brodus, it's amazing. They showed the Cena vid where he blamed the Rock for his divorce because he was too distracted by Dwayne - stupid sexy Flanders!

This Punk-Taker video is nearly a feud-saver. I love the 1 in the 20-1 graphic being Punk's fist. They hyped Vince on Twitter and his first VIDEO TWEET...I thought the point of Tout was to make that seem like THE thing to use for bite-sized videos? Haha, they're showing fans singing "I'm Coming Home" in Touts. Tremendous. They showed some pics of NXT matches from Axxess. Cole rapping to Cena's theme as JBL was amazing. Oh God, they're showing Cena's Raw promo - including Cena's line about it being Rock's first defense. Rock's promo still rules.

Time for Swagger-Kofi - YAY, KOFI'S MAIN SD show no one is watching. They showed the belts, and actually had the balls to put the NXT Title on TV. Renee is doing the usual LET ME ASK YOU AN AWKWARD QUESTION AND SHOW YOU BEING ATTACKED interview with Alberto. They showed Zeb absolutely murdering Alberto with the crutch. They really should've shown the shot on their site of Alberto's back all fucked up to really sell the attack. Swagger yelling WE THE PEOPLE during a double chickenwing is kinda wacky. I loved King's story about Zeb's wife bringing home a dog, and because it was a chihuahua, he built a fence around it. Kofi came up a bit short on his blind springboard splash. Nice catch off the crossbody off the top into a Doctor Bomb attempt. Patriot lock won and the show ended with the WHC match feeling pretty important - good stuff.

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