Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WWE NXT 4-13-16

Regal thanks us for making Takeover a show for the ages, and runs down tonight's card. Aries comes down and faces Dawkins. Nothing to this. It's just Aries working circles around him. "Dawkins Island" is a cute bit though. Corner dropkick and a pounce-style discus elbow wins it. NO! WAY! JOSE! Alexa comes out to face Tessa Blanchard and throws shade at the fans clapping for her. Go-behind takedown and a floatover from Bliss. Great shoulder and forearm exchanges lead to AW HECK NO from Alexa and her running wild.

Headlock is countered by a Tessa cradle for 2. Tessa stops a slap with a grab and an I DON'T THINK SO before forearming her down. Tessa says now she's got her, and Alexa gets DEM CRAZY EYES, an STO and the double knee moonsault for a win. Balor tells an interview girl it's his job to fight as the NXT Title. Camp WWE comes to the Network on May 1.


Ciampa and Gargano come out to face the Vaudevillains. Nothing really to this, and Gargano wins with the armbar. So, LOGICALLY, shouldn't Gargano and Ciampa be on the main roster? Arrogant Tye interview about Nakamura facing him tonight. Tucker Knight gets squashed by Baron. Jordan and Gable meet with Team SAWFT. Bayley comes out to face Liv Morgan, in new wacky pants. Bayley has Dusty polka dots on her gear. Poor Dusty - he gets immortalized as an icon during using something that was done to mock him and that he asked not be used to define him. Matrish by Liv, but she gets snapmared and elbowed. Bayley to Bayley wins it.

Tye comes out while Nakamura has more charisma IN SILHOUETTE than most do ever. Nakamura is "like water" as Bruce Lee would say - his movements are fluid and awe-inspiring. He's an animator's dream come true. A chant of HE'S 11 pisses off Tye. Tye chants TEN TEN TEN in his face and he nods along and then says 10! Tye kinda tries a Nakamura strut. Tye eats a strong style corner kick, but he avoids the machine gun and gets a superkick for 1. Machine gun kicks hit, then the knee to the gut and then the KINSHASA, named after the city the "Inoki bom a ye!" chant began. This was the best match with like three bumps in it ever. Total night off for each guy, and it was great.

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