Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WWE NXT 4-20-16

Well, this took a bit longer than I expected - but it didn't seem too amazing, so I took my time with it. Card rundown starts things off before Team SAWFT comes out - they'll face American Alpha. New gear for AA. Lots of armwork and a break. Cass dominates Gable and Enzo gets chucked into him in the corner for 2. JJ comes in and tosses Enzo around like it's nothing. Amazing high-crotch capture suplex exploder. Enzo goes up for a flying DDT, but gets caught into a northern lights overhead throw. Angle straps go down, STRAPS GO UP MOTHERFUCKER leads to the double back suplex for the win!

Crews says it's the Age of Apollo, and seems a bit dickish. No Way Jose debuts tonight. Alexander Wolfe comes out to face Jose. His club theme rules. No Way Jose is his actual name, and he dances around to the ring. Using smooth dance moves to move around help him stand out, and he dances around to counter holds. BASEBALL chops lead to a bulldog dropping to a single knee - so that's a great way to kill your knees. Baseball swing punch KOs him. Okay then.

Aries talks about beating Baron, and just like with Team SAWFT, it's bizarre that guys get called up after losing on NXT. Nia squashes Deonna. Basic tie-ups start things off. Ad break and we come back to see Crews land a series of forearms. Joe hits the corner high kick. Crews corner splash hits and he sends him down with a lariat. Jumping high kick lands and a standing moonsault gets 2. Back and forth forearm exchange leads to a bicycle kick from Crews. Joe rolls through the powerbomb and hits the ST-Joe leads to the clutch and it's over. Very skippable show.

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