Monday, April 11, 2016

WWE Raw 4-11-16

Blackjack Mulligan got a tribute graphic - which isn't too surprising given that his son in law and grandsons are in the company. Shane, 8 DAYS AFTER DIVING OFF A CELL, hops around like he's fine. "What I started last week..." so HOW DID THIS HAPPEN when Vince just made him in charge on the show? Did he just happen to have magic jets available for all the new guys? Shane announces a tag tourney for New Day, and Sami gets a match against AJ. And if Sami wins, he gets added to the Roman vs. AJ match. Owens comes out and says he's getting screwed over. Shane says that he lost, so he's out of the running. Owens says he didn't lose, and wants his rematch for the IC Title. How exactly would Owens gets a rematch to a billion man ladder match? Shane says he has to earn it - and he just has to beat one guy - Cesaro! Well, that should rule. Cesaro-Owens makes for a fine opener. It's hilarious that we get Cesaro vs. Owens to set up either Miz vs. Owens or Miz vs. Cesaro, which will likely be much worse.

During this WRESTLING MATCH, Cole rattled off all the goofy Ryder vs. Miz bullshit that happened. Owens says "I HAVE THE BEST HEADLOCK!" "HEADLOCK MASTER"
Cesaro's new getup is super-easy to make in No Mercy. Give him Saturn's trumps in white and gold, the black and white kneepads, and Test's entrance costume and you're set. Owens hits some glorious kicks to the k-tape of Cesaro. Ad for a new contest involving Titus and the King Kong movie. WWE - go see the new King Kong movie with...a black guy...maybe pick a different movie? Post-break, we see the no-leverage gutwrench. Crossface to Cesaro, but he spins into a Sharpshooter. Owens excapes, knocks him down and gets 2 off a frog splash. Swing hits after the springboard uppercut, but he can't hold it for long. Great bit where they tease the powerbomb, but he rolls through and hits the Neutralizer for the win! Really good match.

Charlotte-Nattie recap leads to Charlotte bitching to her dad about being bullied. She says she should be on Legends With JBL on the WWE Network, but instead, she has to defend the title. Oh there's Dr. Phil. Maybe he can formally diagnose Ric with alcoholism. Nope - instead, he tells her that Ric's making her cheat and holding her back. "So then Dr. Phil got into a woo-off with Ric Flair..." Owens tells Shane that Sami's blood is on his grey hair, and Shane tells him he's gone...and must go to the lockers. New Day comes out and Woods says the tag division is like NBA Jam - IT'S ON FIRE. Lucha Dragons come down to face the Dudleys.

Kalisto faceplants on the floor for a maybe injury angle. Sin Cara comes in, so maybe Kalisto does need actual help. Dudleys destroy him to win and maybe split up the Lucha Dragons down the line. Enzo and Cass come out. Match and the BOOMANOTHERMATCH. Is this ECW circa '99? Enzo has even wackier hair than usual, and his schtick is already over after one show on the main roster. HOW YOU DOIN!? "WE'RE DOIN JUST FINE! Great bit from Bubba there. Such a great bit here between Devon and Enzo. "Naw, da reason I exist is cuz my mom and dad got it on - howyadoin?" Owens is escorted out in his Tapout workout gear.

Roman comes out to boos. League comes out. "Were you supposed to come out and make me nervous or something?" Well, he's not wrong. Rusev says I ME RUSEV SHOULD BE FACE OF WWE. YES, YOU SHOULD. Wyatts come out with Roman against them? Okay then whatever. Women's title match is next. They could literally debut Nakamura on Raw next week and he'd be mega over JUST off this video hyping NXT.

 Dr. Phil comes out to do...something for the women's title match. Charlotte come out in her WM robe. Phil's on commentary. Lots of mat wrestling to start. Chinlock with the ropes by Charlotte. Machine gun kneedrops by Charlotte before the break. Figure 4 after it, but it's countered - so Charlotte locks her in the sharpshooter. Nattie goes for the sharpshooter, but it's countered into an eye poke. Big boot gets 2 by Charlotte. Charlotte falls out of her top a lot and a moonsault misses and Nattie gets the sharpshooter - but Ric pulls the ref out as she taps!

Sami promo about how he's ready for tonight and he's the underdog from the underground. AJ comes in and says they traveled the roads together, but there can only be one number one contender and it's gonna be him. Usos vs. Outcasts. Anderson and Gallows debuted and kicked ass! So they're kinda doing the Outsiders angle with them...except JBL says he has sources who said they'd be here tonight. They kind of wanted to have an Outsider angle, but also let you know it...isn't an Outsider angle. Weird. Karl Anderson getting to keep his name is a surprise - while Doc becoming Luke Gallows isn't a surprise at all. 

Wacky Maryse is a bitch skit with Miz's M&Ms being wrong and him not being given imported water. Great in theory, but she's no Karen Jarrett. Cesaro said he'd show Miz all the red carpet versions of his uppercuts. AJ's out to face Sami. Basic stuff to start. Drop-down dropkick by AJ. Sami's checkerboard gear doesn't work on the main roster, or NXT for that matter. Gorgeous sliding knee on the apron by AJ - that's new. Post-break chinlock and Sami hangs on during a Clash. Flash cradle gets 2! Big crossbody off the top does as well. PELE KICK. Blue thunder bomb gets 2! Total Japanese classic-style here - start off slow, and then build into HOLY SHIT THAT WAS A KICKOUT!? after 10 minutes. Calf crusher is on, but Sami gets to the rope. Iffy thing where they go for a sunset bomb, but Sami lands on his face and dropkicks AJ. AJ counters the Helluva kick and hits the forearm to win. Sami looked heartbroken, while AJ was happy - it was the thrill of victory and agony of defeat that Wade Keller talks about all the time.

Jericho talks about having the biggest star in WWE history on the Highlight Reel - which is unannounced and his guest is him. Dean comes out and has a note from Shane - which Dean needs because it's actually a CA speeding ticket. Then he gives him the note with a hole burned in it. Dean asks the fans to not boo his guests - they're his after all. Dean was great here and we've got us a new program! Apollo sells for, and then squashes Adam Rose. Roman and Bray against the League next. Bray comes out. Break. JBL talks about how Roman is being set up to fail by Shane here. JBL pointing out...several logical reasons as to why this is a stupid match from a kayfabe perspective. After several minutes of nothing action, the Wyatts tron plays and the Family saves Bray. Abigail hits and Roman spears Rusev to prevent a pin breakup. I think Bray is a face. Not sure. Oh well - great show overall!

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