Friday, April 1, 2016

NXT Takeover: Dallas Live Coverage

 Renee, Mauro, and Lita are on the pre-show of these things is not like the other. They don't really do much beyond replay NXT's video packages. We see the Dusty statue being presented, and it's good. A Texas wrestling recap video sets off the Takeover recaps and the tag title match is our opener.
 American Alpha has new, kinda wonky tracksuits. Excellent match starting off - lots of fast action with dropkicks and a slick stereo German. Gable is a fantastic babyface in peril and gets a "SAVE. THE. GABLE!" chant. Heels try to cheat to win with a flying nothing and a fake tag, but get caught - leading to a "you fucked up" and "botchamania!" chant. Jordan O'Connor roll results in a 2 and a push into a European uppercut - BUT GABLE SAVES! Gable and the bald guy exchange tight cradles for a minute of nearfalls! DOUBLE TEAM GERMAN WINS!NEW CHAMPS! Jim Ross gives them a round of applause...which is bizarre AND THEN KOTA IBUSHI IS RINGSIDE!

 Baron came out and then Aries got a new, epic theme. He also has new gear, and Austin's discus forearm sends him to the floor before he lands the double sledge off the top. Aries is hyped up as a guy that ended a title reign of Joe's that lasted many months...some X Title reign - has to be. Corbin is great at talking smack here. "SIT DOWN PIP BOY!" Aries lands some sick overhand chops. Aries gets a suicide dive, but eats a Deep Six on the floor. He goes for End of Days mid-ring, but Aries counters into a cradle and wins!

A Mauro-narrated video brings is to Sami-Nakamura! Sami is out first and then Nak. et another five star theme for Nakamura! Nakamura does his stuff and Sami is just sitting in awe. Bomaya has been renamed the Kinsasha. Hard knee to the face on the mat, then more on the apron - including a kneedrop on the apron! Running knee to Sami as he's in the corner gets 2. Flip dive from Sami gets 2! PRIDE KNEES TO THE HEAD! Michinoku driver by Sami! Billion and one forearm strikes mid-ring! Nakamura's nose is all fucked up and the ref checks on it - after Nak kicks Sami in the head a bunch in the ropes. Armbar is avoided, so Nakamura goes for a triangle - but the ref counts, but Nak won't release it so Sami kicks him in the face. Strong style kicks in the corner by Sami and he gets the Koji clutch! Crowd begs for them to fight forever. Helluva kick misses, but the Regalplex doesn't. Bomaya misses and is countered into a blue thunder bomb for 2! TORPEDO DDT IS COUNTERED WITH A KICK!  KINSHASA HITS FOR THE WIN! THIS RULED!
Sami was put over huge as moving to the main roster for the IC Title, and hugged Nakamura while the crowd chanted "ole ole!". It was incredible! Women's title match is up. YES IT'S THE PIONEER OF THE FEMALE SPORTS MOVEMENT STEPHANIE MCMAHON! Asuka gets a cherry blossom intro here. Bayley comes out with a new jacket! They each get boos, but Asuka gains a quick edge with a running forearm strike. Bayley eats a hip attack, but avoids a second one! Super Rana gets 2 for Bayley! Gulliotine choke is locked on Asuka! BASEBALL SLIDE RANA AFTER AN ANKLE LOCK. Kneebar by Asuka, but she gets the rope - so Bayley slams the knee into the mat. ASUKA LOCK! Bayley tries to escape, but Bayley is out. The match is stopped and we have a new champion - and damn is she ever booed! This was great - the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat were each felt here.


The main event is up, but first...BOBBY ROODE IS IN THE CROWD! Joe comes out, then Finn...A chainsaw? Really? Right before WM? Well, his new blue, red, and black getup is great. Joe and Fiinn butt heads and Joe gets all fucked up - he's covered in blood. Suicide dive to the floor by Joe! They keep trying to close the cut, but Joe won't let them - and Corey covers perfectly saying Joe needs to let them so he can win the title he wants. They finally close the wound and Joe goes on the offense. Powerbomb into the crab and then the crossface!
They fight in the corner and JOE GETS THE MUSCLE BUSTER FOR 2! Joe gets the choke, but Finn does the Bret-Piper WM VIII finish and wins! This was a short, but super-intense war. Joe's future in NXT is a bit uncertain, but it looks like we aren't getting the Balor Club on Raw now - unless they opt to...actually push him as NXT CHAMPION!

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