Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WWE NXT 4-27-16

Not exactly the greatest card ever here. Nakamura vs. the drifter, Eva vs. Asuka, and Joe vs. Balor should be on the show as per Raw though. Generic intro leads to them talking about Joe beating Balor for the gold. MAYHEM IN MASSACHUSETTS will be shown later. Asuka comes out to face Eva. It's amazing how Asuka's whole act is to basically just be Kana with a different name, and it all just clicks perfectly in WWE. Eva comes down looking amazing while Corey tells Tom that everyone around the world is telling him to shut up during her intro.

Love Corey endlessly telling him to shut up when he talks - even while bragging about Eva's win. "Can I talk now?" 'Well, I wish you wouldn't!" Eva saunters around amid "you can't wrestle" chants - and Corey asks why they're saying that about Asuka since she's so good and the champion. Corey says that he worries about this evening for Eva. Eva gets circled wrestled around her and then kicked in the back. Eva elbows her down, but gets shoulderblocked before Asuka shimmies and attacks her with her ass, then shimmies more. Fujiawara armbar, but Eva gets to the ropes. Hip attack on the apron! Amazing sideboob on Eva here. Nia comes down to help protect Eva and we go to a break.

Eva corners her and shoulderblocks her. Running egg-cracking kick by Eva "hits". Senton gets 1, so she goes for a surfboard. Asuka butt-butts her way out of that, but Eva forearms her. Eva gets a snap suplex and then surfboards her again. Double armbar by Eva! Asuka's ass escape works again, but only briefly as she eats an elbow and a backslide for 2. Pop-up missile dropkick by Asuka! Eva lands some weak forearms before Asuka hits a hard running dropkick. Kicks aplenty, but Eva throws her down by her hair to avoid the spin kick. Ass attack and then the sliding knee gets 2. SPINKICK OF DOOM wins it.We get a Nia-Asuka tease.


Joe-Balor clips. EPIC shots of Joe here. They're in a big building and it looks amazing. Balor launches himself into the barricade landing leg-first, but Joe gets the Muscle Buster and wins it!  It's so odd to see fairly low-grade house show footage on WWE TV, but refreshing. They showed a ton of fan footage of it - also odd to see WWE encouraging that behavior. Joe says that Finn survived twice, but he couldn't survive here.


Dash and Dawson take on Parker and Lee, who get buried by Graves for going to a gym without a squat rack and for skipping leg day. Graves calls Parker Jamoke #1. Clubbering to Jamoke #1. Big double team gutbuster. Powerbomb Hart Attack hits, but he gets tossed into the corner to Matt Lee. Poor Jamoke #2 gets beaten up, and a "de-fense!" chant. Shatter Machine and a foot on the chest pin gets the win. THIS is the match the fucking Bullet Club needed on Raw. The bald guy talks about preaching a sermon on the tag team revolution.

Blake and Murphy face the Hype Bros next. NO ALEXA WITH BLAKE AND MURPHY!? WHAT!? Graves asks what's going on, and not that she's his favorite part about the team - but she is. The teams proceed to have a functional, rather boring match. Goofy bit where Mojo tosses Murphy's feet into Blake's face, and then the Hype Ryder wins it. Dash and Dawson beat them up. Carmella comes out with dots on her face for some reason. Carmella shakes her ass around and Graves says she's not carrying dead weight around. A super-happy theme hits for Aliyah - from Canada.


Mounted punches get 2 for Aliyah. Kneeling full nelson by her results in the crowd clapping for Carmella. Lotus lock by Aliyah as well. Aliyah gets 2 off a legdrop. Monkey flip into punches by Carmella. Thesz Press and a corner boot show off Carmella's flexibility. Bronco buster leads to a sloppy flatliner and the wacky headscissor dealie for the win. Some girl interviews Samson, who now has a bunch of $1 bills on his guitar. "I'm gonna show you that I'm THE Drifter and you never should've drifted into NXT!" Hilarious. Aries has a match next week.

Drifter comes out. Nakamura does his usual intro - but with even more panache than usual. As long as he maintains his flexibility, he can just do this for eons and be just fine. Nakamura gets 2 off a snapmare and a kneedrop - complete with Nakamura running his finger through his mouth during the fall. Swagsuke attacks in the corner, but eats a lariat. Tossing snap suplex gets 2 for Samson. Revolving door kick hits Samson. Fireman's carry knee leads to the inverted exploder and the Kinshasa!


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