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WWE SD 9-6-13

Orton-Cody was the featured attraction for the opening video - nice deal to make that seem like a bigger deal. If they put him in the world title mix after returning, he could at least maintain some of the momentum he gained here without having to rely on him to be a true main event-level act. HHH, Brad, and Vickie are in the ring to start the show. Loved seeing the tag champs actually wearing their titles for a change. HHH's red and white tie is quite striking, and Cody was fired for being insubordinate because he disrespected HHH and as the COO, HHH IS WWE! HHH didn't fire Cody - Cody fired Cody...for losing. HHH is inviting an open forum for the superstars. And Hornswoggle. An Uso wore a PROPERTY OF WWE shirt. Ryback, for some reason, feared for his job. And a fan yelled for Hornswoggle. Damien and his new shirt were quite pleased with Cody's termination - and he commended WWE's fearless leader. HHH hilariously asked if Alicia had anything to say, and the guy yelled for Horny again. Kofi didn't see how firing guys and making the roster terrified is what's best for business. CODY WAS FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE, and I'm hoping Kofi gets another Orton match soon so they can remind everyone of when he was a big deal.

Heath's problem involves Big Show doing nothing while sounding stoned and HHH said he emptied no doubt the entire contents of his mind. RVD didn't like the whole vibe he was feeling - it was not cool, dude. HHH bringing up 2000 further reminds me of how little RVD has aged compared to HHH. Ryback's sad that people are calling THE BIG GUY a bully. HHH gave the Big Guy a second chance to prove that he could beat Dolph in a fair match. Bryan not being out there was a sign of his ego according to HHH - he can't even be bothered to be out there with the little people. Bryan gets the chance to face any one member of the Shield to face tonight. How nice of HHH. HHH rewarded Kofi with a match against Axel. RVD, DUDE, gets a chance to face Orton. This took 15 minutes but felt much longer - it was good-ish though.

Alberto's out to do commentary. Rolling thunder>powerslam counter is now just another spot. Cole said that RVD beat Alberto, and he said that meant nothing since Christian AND Jack Swagger did it to him, just to remind you of how predictable WWE's booking can be.  Cole said that Ricardo is now wearing THOSE COOL RVD SHIRTS. Alberto rightly said that he looks like a bum. Alberto called him fat - which JBL reiterated. Barricade spinkick/legdrop thing missed. A fan yelled loudly that Orton was an asshole. Orton hit the Garvin stomp and then did THE POSE. RVD was tossed to the floor and...that was it for an ad break. Nice standing moonsault from RVD when they got back. JBL learned Spanish just to converse with Alberto - awesome. RVD nearly did his goofy head bump deal off the draping DDT. RKO was countered with a high kick again - so like the rolling thunder powerslam, it's just a new spot for them to do. Five star missed, but instead of it leading to the RKO like before, he rolled tot he floor. Jumping spinkick hit Orton, but Alberto posted Ricardo, so RVD hit a flip dive on him and got thrown into the announce table by Orton. DRAPING DDT TO THE FLOOR. Wow. RKO hit. The latter part of this was really good - the early part was fine, but felt like a rerun. Alberto jumped RVD after the match and locked in the armbar. I wouldn't mind seeing RVD take the title - he needs to win SOMETHING soon, and they really should've done this deal for Summerslam instead of the upcoming show. Bryan got a giant graphic that somehow didn't mention his name at all.

Bryan cut a promo with Renee about knowing he can beat anyone in the Shield, then AJ met with the diva B-team to talk about the Total Divas "covered in sparkles. And shame." Aksana's gear rules. Alicia looked a billion feet tall with these chicks. Dolph's out to be killed by Ryback. They shilled the JBL and Cole show. LOVED Dolph's smooth slip out of a gorilla press slam by Ryback early on. Ambrose came out to be creepy. Ryback brought back the leaning bearhug! GIGANTIC flying DDT counter from the bearhug position. This has been a really fun match so far. The Shield doesn't work for HHH - they do what's best for business. Dolph avoided a shoulder charge that sent Ryback into the steps. Ryback hit the Meathook on the floor after Dolph chased Ambrose. Loved how Ambrose relaxed on the steps, and Ryback won with the Shellshock. Axel's out to face Kofi in what I guess is the hour 1 main event.

SD WAS THE MOST SOCIAL SHOW ON FRIDAY NIGHT LAST WEEK! Kofi's orange and black gear is quite striking. They showed Punk guaranteeing he'd beat Axel at the PPV to face Heyman and BREAK HIS FACE. I loved JBL saying that Heyman may just want to start the PPV match. Cole said that Punk has beaten Axel, and JBL said that Punk guaranteed it AND has held the WWE Title longer than anyone in the modern era. So he's definitely losing to Axel somehow at the PPV. Nice leap over the steps from Kofi leading to him running the other direction for a lariat. Cole reminded everyone that they were in Axel's hometown, which explains the giant chant for him earlier. Spear to Kofi on the apron led to the ad break. MASSIVE chant for Axel broke out. JBL talked about Axel's father being the AWA Champion right where they are. Crowd chanted for the Perfectplex. Loved Heyman telling Axel to take his time, and JBL talking about Heyman being in the AWA with the OMX. SOS out of nowhere got the win, so I guess he'll get a title shot on Raw and lose. Both Paul and Axel looked gloriously astonished here. This was a ton of fun. They replayed the Bray deal from Raw. Bryan-Shield Member was hyped up with a graphic.

Great MSG DVD ad - the match listing looks iffy, but I'll definitely pick it up on sale at some point. Heyman was on his cell phone, and Renee annoyed him. Paul all but did a humina-humina-humina bit. Heyman said that tonight they overlooked Kofi - it was his fault due to a poor strategy. Heyman said that if you thought Punk's worst was something, you should see his - it's even worse! Heyman kicked a door open like Ronda Rousey, then slammed it shut. Brie's out to face Naomi. Brie hit something that resembled a running knee to the face on the ropes. Brie yelled I WILL BE DIVAS CHAMP. I sure hope not. Naomi hit that crazy flipping flying lariat that Taker and X-Pac used to do, but landed right on her ass and feet - impressive. AJ's squadron came down to destroy the Total Divas. I can't wait for the next season of show for this to be presented as a shoot. AJ and Layla were back to being buddies after Layla apparently hating her earlier despite them being besties before. Usos walked backstage before facing the Real Americans. Los Matadores vignette aired - care about them because...they fought bulls!

Swagger's wearing the flag now, but doesn't make it work like Cesaro. Lots of WE THE PEOPLE fans here. Survivor Series is THE HOLIDAY TRADITION...before the holiday... Nice clip to the knee on the floor from Swagger, and the elevated double stomp damn near landed on the Uso's face. Double team uranage by Zeb's team. JBL brought up the history of great tag teams in Minnesota and cited the Road Warriors, then Cole talked about today's teams. Yup...they are certainly teams. A really shitty small package got 2 for Cesaro. Swagger pushed an Uso off the top into the Very European uppercut - I love that being a finisher now. Show was angry and confused in the Mid-South DVD and WWE Magazine-shilling part of the building. HHH said that 3MB angered him, and he will NOT let anyone disrespect Show. HHH told him to treat 3MB like human stress balls. That'll be a lot of fun to watch.

WWE bragged about their completely free app being downloaded 7 million times, then did the Raw Rebound. It focused on Show, and they sadly they didn't show new photos like they usually do to further the point - simply showing a strip mall with "now closed" on the front would've sufficed given the story they told on Raw. This took a really long time and closed with Orton standing over Bryan. Loved the multi-chop flurry to Jinder on the table, and the nasty spear on Drew on the floor. Running knee to Drew on the barricade. Double chokeslam to them and a KO to Heath. That man was born to sell punches - I demand he had a match with King in Memphis. Shield came down because the main event is next. HHH told Show to leave. They went to the break not telling you who Bryan would face.

Shield stood mid-ring before Bryan walked out. I'm astonished JBL didn't talk about how much Verne would've loved to have him in the AWA. Bryan being KOed by Show was replayed. It's 9:52, so this match isn't getting any time. Seth jumped Bryan to start things. SCOOP SLAM OVER THE TOP ROPE FROM ROLLINS. Between that and the buckle bomb, he's determined to at least work like a stronger guy than he appears. Well hey, it worked for Bryan and that's not a bad blueprint to follow. Ground cobra clutch from Rollins. Flip German from Bryan! Nice. This led to the corner dropkick>missile dropkick combo for 2. Rollins was saved by the enzuiguri to the top. Reigns hit a clothesline on the floor. "Let's go Daniel" chant broke out. Dive into the Yes Lock, but the Shield gets involved and kicked for their trouble. Dive to Reigns and a hiptoss to Ambrose. Flying knee to Rollins gets the win. Orton jumped him and stood over him to close the show.

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