Monday, November 18, 2013

Raw 11-18-13

Last week's silly power struggle comedy skit took up way too much time in the intro video. Big E gets an IC Title shot tonight and the awesome 16-man tag that was seemingly set up for Survivor Series will be TONIGHT'S main event. The Authority is out to say words. HHH saying chaos a ton means I can't wait for KAOS to debut against the Authority. Or maybe CONTROL will come in. Randy came out to a nice pop and cut a promo about the Authority screwing him over. He's a face, right? Vickie and Brad came out. Brad said that as a man, he takes responsibility - and it was all Vickie's fault. Steph made Vickie-AJ, while HHH made Brad face Orton. I like the social media stuff all over the Raw announce table. Maddox on offense against Orton. And that ends quickly with Orton massacring him. Ref rang for the bell after Orton beat him to death with the mic, so I guess that's a win via stoppage since it was made no DQ. Show faces Ryback later.

Survivor Series Kickoff will be...focused on Bret, Foley, and Booker's panel. Maddox was carted off as comedy for Vickie to look at and stare. Big E's theme has been remixed and greatly improved. In a nice change of pace, this IC Title match got the big match intro. Cole rattled off WWE Facts about the IC Title and its importance. Nice mounted crazy punches from Axel. THE PRESTIGIOUS IC TITLE match went to a break after them. Giant bodyblack and the Big Ending give him the win. Huge pop for that and this was played up as a big deal for him. Good for Big E - he's outstanding given his experience.

WE ARE SET FOR DIVAS MUSICAL CHAIRS! It's Total Divas vs. non Total Divas, and "Cruise" will be the song. No one moved. Nattie lost. WE WANT FLAIR! WE WANT FLAIR! JBL buried this. Good God this was terrible. So many Daisy Dukes and no Mickie James either. 5,000th clip of "Cruise" for five seconds aired. Cole said goofy shit about Ryback, then immediately transitioned into talking about Raw Country trending. EVERY FUCKING THING COLE SAYS SOUNDS FAKE! Show-Ryback's up. A ton of collar and elbows, some front facelocks with spot calling. This match is going to get its own section in EVERYONE TALKS TOO MUCH! Ryback actually hit the Shellshock on Show, but it only got 2. That right there might've saved Ryback because it was awesome.  KO punch hits for 3. Sneak attack from Orton was met with a spear. Ryder met with the country guys before 3MB got involved as THE RHINESTONE COWBOYS! TREMENDOUS video on the History of WWE DVD.

Orton got mad at the Authority and the Shield backstage before saying a bad word. Real Americans are in the ring. GIANT We the People reaction. Kofi's new shirt and doo rag look decent. Real Americans face the tag chaps on SD. Miz is teaming with Kofi here, so I guess this will be his TV turn. The traditional Survivor Series match was finally recapped, as "one of those traditional Survivor Series matches" - don't put over too big there Cole. I like Kofi's Best Buy gear getting a matching doo rag and shirt - makes it look a lot better. Miz got all wacky by stomping around then denying the tag and making a wacky invisible wall. Tons of Cesaro Section signs were visible. Nice plug for the Pistol Annies. Vickie was exposed as faking, and wheeled to the ring on the gurney. This came off as a cruel AJ bit. They did some stalling stuff before a Black Widow, complete with ass tap. PPV divas tag was made with the Total Divas girls against the non-Total Divas. HHH made a broadway brawl between Dolph and Sandow for some fucking reason. A crazy-creepy Wyatts vid aired.

Otunga's Muscle and Fitness mag was plugged. The Broadway Brawl was hyped up with goofy country instruments all around. They did stuff with instruments, then moves. Good God this is so flat. More instrument destruction was done ON THE APP! Cue M. Bison OF COURSE! JBL then sang the Beverly Hillbillies theme. JBL asked if Double J left them all of these guitars. Well, that's the highlight of the show so far. He really should've said that's where they got the cello from. Sandow went into it head-first. Shitty schoolboy from Dolph got 2. Snare drum to the head. VINTAGE JARRETT STRUT and a guitar shot got the win. Odd to see Jeff Jarrett being paid homage on Raw. Granted, in a shitty match on a bad show, but still. Orton met with Hunter and Steph in a WWE '12 hoodie and no shirt. Cena had his arm in a sling and met wit the country guys.

Cena came out and they recapped Alberto's attack on Raw and SD. He's injured AND NEEDS ODDS TO OVERCOME! A CHAMPION IS MADE OF TOUGHNESS - NOT CHEAP SHOTS AND PARLOR TRICKS! Cena said that at the PPV, he has the honor of competing in front of his family in his hometown - which they should've hyped up before. Basic stuff with Cena and Alberto trading barbs. Champ's here and such. Michael Strahan hosts Raw next week and was shown in a bit with Cena before with belts. BOY I SURE LIKE ALBERTO'S ODDS!

THE WWE REWIND was brought to us by Xbox One and showed 3MB's UK makeover. Truth and XAVIER WOODS came out. Kudos to Woods for finally making it on WWE TV. Truth and Consequences reunite! Nice fire from Woods, who was cut off by a sliding kick by Drew. IT'S MORPHIN TIME leads to the Konnan clothesline and Eat Defeat. This was fun. The Authority told Orton he'd get no help at the PPV. Performance is up next. Pyro hit at various points. Whoopdee doo. Bryan came out in a new goat beard shirt. Holy shit is this shirt a fail. After white-washing the Shield/Wyatt deal from last week, they referenced it here. Goldust got a huge chant and mixed up mounted punches by mounting the buckle with Rollins splayed across both ropes - great bit there. Cole talked about the Shield keeping themselves in and excluding the Wyatts. DUN DUN DUN! Bryan got a tag and got a massive pop for that. Huge dropkick to Harper's neck. Crazy redneck Batista bomb got 2 for Harper. On the app, Rollins took a Foley bump on and the steps. Punk got in and hit Shining Wizards to Rollins and Ambrose on opposite corners. These kinds of matches are a great way to have him main event and save his body. Nice high kick by Punk on Bray. Shitty-looking headlock driver hit Punk. Spear to Goldust from Reigns led to the Cross Rhodes. Disaster Kick into the buckle bomb. HART ATTACK by Punk and Bryan, leading to the suicide dive by Bryan. GTS hits Ambrose for the win. TREMENDOUS main event. This made watching the show seem like a productive endeavor. Nice Real Americans beatdown after the match on everyone. REY RETURNED and he'll be in the Survivor Series tag match. 619 to Harper led to the GTS and knee strike. The last 30+ minutes of Raw ruled. Nothing on the show but that was really worth checking out though - at least in full. Big E and the shellshock are just fine in clip form.

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