Friday, November 22, 2013

WWE SD 11-22-13

Harper-Bryan is the main event. Brodie Lee is main eventing WWE on global television...amazing. Cole put over the Rhodes Bros' struggle to get the titles...then JBL buried that. "Goldust has been in WWE for the better part of almost two decades". That sure is a roundabout statement. Great dropdown from Goldust leading to the springboard dropkick from Cody. Nice slingshot from Cesaro into the double leg slam from Swagger. Alabama slam countered into a sunset flip, countered into a Bulldog cradle for 2. Very European Uppercut from Cesaro gets 2. Cesaro counters Cody's Booker T rollup by powering him up top - nice! Blind cross body turned into an electric chair drop>patriot lock by Swagger. Another great spot. CESARO SWING! Final Cut from Goldust got the three on Swagger. Tremendous opener! Ryback issued an open challenge, it was accepted by Khali. Oh lord. Ryback's red and black split singlet rules. Ryback's doing the best he can to move around for Khali here. Ryback barely saved himself by grabbing the rope after the chop. SHELLSHOCK to Khali. This was a great way to build up Ryback for Show...who they just had him lose to clean on Raw. Vickie got revenge on AJ by having her face the Funkadactyls. Wacky Cena Oxford video. I like Tamina demolishing Cameron to make it 1 on 1. Rear View gets the win - marking the first time a butt-butt has gotten a win since maybe '87. Outstanding creepy-as-fuck video from Bray about Bryan and Punk. This guy should be beyond wrestling and getting major acting work. He'll at least get SyFy/USA stuff, but deserves so much more.

YAY SHIELD TAG MATCH TIME! Usos new shirts look pretty badass. Rey's intro that consists of just running around swiftly on the ramp appears to be way too much for him now. Why can't they just let this man heal up? I could really get behind a Rey-Ambrose feud over the U.S. Title - seems like about the perfect level for Rey to get a prominent-ish feud right now. Nice outside-in suplex by Reigns - I like him yelling during some spots. Reminds me of Fire Pro. Cole put over stem cell treatment for helping Rey to heal up. Well, at least as much as he's going to before rushing back and risking further injury. It'd suck if he got hurt and missed yet another Mania. Rey's got tons of speed left - at least in short bursts, and when in there with Rollins. " SPEAR ALMOST CUT RUSSO IN HALF!" Or an Uso. TREMENDOUS deadlift into a powerbomb setup by Reigns. 619 and the drop the dime splash got the win for Rey over Ambrose. This was a lot of fun, although it sure did kill any drawing power Rey would have since it's not like he'll have any more time on the PPV than he will here.

Show and Orton exchanged words so they could play clips from Raw. The awkward cut-ins reminded me of Dixie's promo a couple of weeks ago where they played highlight packages on TV while the guys just stood around because they didn't know they'd be coming when they taped it. It's like time just stands still for no good reason. Truth as Pretty Ricky sold some shit with a wacky filter over the video. Axel and Sandow teamed up for whatever reason to face Dolph and Big E. Shame he's not in his white gear with this belt. Big Ending to Sandow gives him the win. Remember when Sandow could've been world champ and had a great match on Raw where he nearly won it? Sure seems like it was ages ago. Oh, and Axel faces Big E on the PPV. CELEBRITIES were in attendance - Chilli and Monica. So the '90s invaded WWE in 2013. Alberto-Cena clips played before Alberto cut a nothing promo about everything. Bryan and Harper have great chemistry together. Great seated powerbomb gets 2 before a mid-rope face wash. Punk came out to save Bryan from a possible 3-on-1 beatdown...why not come down with him? Cradle gets a win for Bryan. That was indeed a match finish. Nice beating from the Family - this group is finally clicking thanks to Harper getting more ring time and not being used as in just a tag team.

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