Friday, November 1, 2013

WWE SD 11-1-13

This Naked Vegas zombie wedding is something else. Recap of Alberto-Cena opens the show - no basic intro. Cena came out, and then they recapped the Sandow deal. And now he's rapping. Cena is begging for a big pop. YAY, IT'S THE REAL AMERICANS. Viva la Cesaro WHC push! Swagger's flapping his damn arms around like a bird, and looks ridiculous with the flag. Love Zeb saying he's happy Cena beat Alberto because he's one step closer to sneaking back over the border - it's like Heenan ALWAYS hating Hogan. He's generously inviting Cena to join his crusade. AW SNAP - YOU CAN'T SEE HIM! I love him putting Cesaro over, could do without him burying Swagger and focusing on Cesaro's nipples. Dug him knocking Zeb, and going with a solid rhythm throughout the whole promo. Sandow's theme sounds a tad bit different, and he knocked Cena for being a hypocrite before they thought about ganging up on Cena. Rhodes Bros. made the save and Vickie made a six-man tag main event - holla holla CESARO IN A MAIN EVENT! Nice Ambrose promo on the Usos - both Seth and Reigns had disgusted looks when he brought up being the U.S. Champ. I like the slow burn with this - if they're out to make Reigns the Batista of the group, I can see it working out wonderfully.

The Shield combo is a bit different - it's Ambrose and Rollins, which I can see leading to Ambrose saying he was able to do something Reigns couldn't - lead the team to victory against the Usos. "HOW DOES A SEVEN FOOT BRONTOSAURUS KEEP SNEAKING INTO BUILDINGS!" from JBL ruled. Big E's out to even the odds since Reigns is out there. I loved JBL talking about Ambrose' elbow being Muta-esque. Nice flying schoolboy from an Uso onto Ambrose...FOR THE WIN!? Wow. Great flash finish there. Reigns saved Ambrose from a Big Ending. Reigns offered to fight the Usos and Big E - showing he's got some fighting spirit in him before getting talked out of it. He's going to make an awesome babyface. HBK will be on Miz TV - WHY NOT HYPE THAT ON RAW!?

They came back and recapped HBK-Bryan from Raw and the Wyatts' stuff with Punk and Bryan. PTPs out to face the Wyatts...after an ad break. I got a local ad for the Bellator show tomorrow, so they're clearly trying to do whatever they can to get the word out since Impact was really the A show to push it and no one watched that live. Outstanding super-creepy promo from Bray. JBL compared Harper and Rowan to Brody and Hansen - good fit, despite Rowan not exactly being as good as Hansen. Titus ran wild on them both, but fell to the spinning lariat. Really good stuff here for a short match. It's a shame the PTPs are back to being enhancement guys, but htis was fun. Cole recapped Kane coming back on the PPV and on Raw.

Facebook follower recap - Rey has more fans than HHH. Miz is back with THEMOSTMUSTSEESHOWINTALKSHOWHISTORYMIZTV. You fucker - ACT SERIOUS. HBK WAS the guest, but he left the building. Great callback. He said HBK was to blame for Orton being champ, so Orton came out to kick his ass. Orton said he is bet-ter than Bryan and that when he kicked Miz's ass, the fans cheered. THE AUTHORITY HAS BANNED BIG SHOW FROM WWE FOR LIFE. Again, I think. I'm sure it'll stick this time. Orton asked him a question, but before he could answer, he got RKOd. This poor fucker. Main event 6 man was hyped. Dolph's WWEShop ad was hilarious - especially when he was playing with the belts, and the skateboards. Nice pink streak in his hair too. Tthe 25% off discount is decent, but not as good as TNA's sale though. Bellas team with Alicia to face Nattie and the Bellas next.

Great clothesline from Tamina onto a Bella. Seated dropkick to the back of AJ caused her to flip backwards. Sharpshooter got the win. Raw recap focused on Show's re-re-re-return and KO of Orton. Main event is next at 9:20. Well, this should be long and awesome. WWE 2K14 hype vid. Recap of the latest Cole-HHH site vid. They talked about the Real Americans beating the tag champs on Raw, which I'd forgotten - clips of the win would've been nice. I love how serious Cesaro looks when he's sprinting down - Swagger comes off like a goof playing a part here. All heck broke lose - leading to an ad break. "IN TWO DAYS, CENA BEAT THE WORLD CHAMP AND THE WORLD CHAMP MITB CONTENDER WITH ONE ARM!" Yup. I loved his line later about the Conquistadors. GLORIOUS Stratusfaction bulldog springing off of Cesaro. Heels are dominating before a break. Goldust took a quick suplex after the break, but got a HUGE Goldust chant. Goldust has turned into Steamboat here - getting a shot in every now and then. Chinlock from Sandow to Goldust - one of many in the match. Goldust firing in some elbows to the gut and the crowd is going crazier with each one. SNAP POWERSLAM gives Goldust his opening to tag in Cody. Springboard dropkick from Cody. He's beating the daylights ou tof Sandow here - fitting given that Sandow referenced turning on him to get the case earlier tonight. Moonsault got 2. Holly gut shot set up Cross Rhodes, but Sandow snapmared out of it and made a tag before the move hit. CESARO SWING! About 24 revolutions on it - tough to tell because they cut to a Cena spear later in the move, but it looks like he only got one off-screen revolution. Cena got a tag and hit the shoulder blocks to Cesaro followed by the fist drop. AA COUNTERED INTO THE CESARO LIFT. Can't wait to see that in a PPV semi-main event. Cesaro swing turned into an STF that he countered and turned into a Very European Uppercut. Disaster kick to Cesaro. You're Welcome to Cody. Goldust bulldog takes out Sandow. Double arm side slam from Swagger. Ankle lock to Cena, who threw him into the ropes to bounce back into an AA. So so so so so glad Cesaro didn't job here - his stock was raised a lot here.

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