Wednesday, July 15, 2015

ROH 7-15-15

King Corino hypes up next week's show - it's episode 200 of ROH! Wow, hard to believe that much time has passed. Adam Page is out to face Matt Sydal and his goofy theme. Matt Sydal is a 15 year veteran...holy hell. Also, Corino is awful at even faking outrage in this feud with his soon. Heels cheat for an ad break. Sydal gets 2 off a schoolboy. Page, while seated, moves into position for a chest punt - but he gets up for the double knees for some reason. SSP wins and BJ attacks, so why even bother really doing a finish here? ACH comes out and gets beaten up. The Decade hits the Rite of Passage on a chair pile to Sydal. They run down the card after showing the attack again and Veda is out being called an ambulance chaser by Kevin.

Silas Young came out looking about three weeks younger than Bruno does now, but with a new tattoo. He's out to face Will Ferrara, which I'm not watching with a UFC going on too. The guys do some moves that are really overshadowed by how loud the ring is. Good UFC fight. Mark's out to face Lethal for the TV Title. I like Lethal wearing whichever title he's defending around his waist, while the other is on his shoulder. In a weird bit, they blur a pair of fans on the stage. Jay's white, black, and red gear looks fantastic.

ODB prevents Martini's interference, resulting in wacky goofy mid-card comedy in this match involving the World champ. Scary sloppy Foley elbow from Mark. Shot TO THE DING DING according to Corino leads to the also-annoying flippy-do cutter for the win. I wanted to like this match more than I idd.

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