Monday, July 27, 2015

WWE SD 7-23-15

Show starts off quickly with the announcement of Rusev vs. Owens and Dean coming out for a promo, but being interrupted by Sheamus. They have a fun brawl going on here - I like it. DEAN GETS THE SCHOOLBOY! It only gets 2, and we get a floor dive. Jey is hilarious on commentary. Bray and Harper appear on the ramp and table respectively, and Shemus hits the kick for the win. Comic style Stardust-Neville recap leads to a Neville promo and Stardust hissing. Adam Rose is out in wacky new gear to face Neville. Red Arrow wins. Stardust cuts a promo on arrows - both red and green. Joy. Owens comes out and talks about Cena's "moto" of never give up. Loved him saying he fights another day and tapped to avoid an injury and allow himself to provide for his two kids. Rusev came out literally like a babyface out of nowhere ready for war. They had a short, but really fun match - they should've put the US Title on Owens for this feud. Loved Owens telling Rusev to lose weight.

Cesaro says he hasn't spent Christmas with his family in over 11 years, and tonight he faces Seth Rollins - the WWE Champion. Owens mocks him and Cesaro asks if he came from catering, but he actually left his match - Owens says he'll look forward to watching him lose. I'm digging this feud. Team Bad is out for a match with the Bellas. Bellas are now acting like babyfaces, so it's now the female version of the New Blood vs. Millionaire's Club. Rack Attack wins. Taker-Brock recap. Seth is out in really generic-looking gear - off-black on black. Cesaro's got slick red and white gear with black trim and the arm band. Sharpshooter is turned into the crossface! A thumb to the eye gives Seth an opening for the Pedigree and the win. This was a pretty darn fine show - every single thing was either done well or outright good, with several things being both. Shame Raw isn't booked more like this show, because they made several acts seem like big deals.

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